00:56 GMT16 January 2021
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    Everyone knows how much rabbits love carrots and never appear to get bored with them. In a viral video that has already drawn over 3 million views, something similar can be witnessed.

    In a 12-second video clip posted on the Instagram handle Adorable Bunny World, a cute looking rabbit can be seen pressing a bell that reads "Ring for carrots".

    On the first sound of the ring, one carrot drops from the top. When the rabbit rings the bell for the second time, around 20-30 carrots drop as if it's raining carrots, leaving the creature in awe. 

    Providing a moment of levity to all, one netizen commented, "Can we make one for humans…. Ring for the money and bunch of money drops out". Another queried, "What would have happened if he rang for the third time?"


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