18:58 GMT28 October 2020
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    With fur parents of both dogs and cats often quarrelling over which of the two is smarter, researchers at Vanderbilt University have put an end to the argument by sharing their findings that canines have more neurons associated with thinking, planning, and complex behaviour than felines. And this video appears to prove as much.

    A doggo and cat were both sitting on a sofa spending a regular day when the stunning black and white kitty got a sinister idea and started staring at the dog. The dog, without turning to look back, became alert when it saw its hoomans laughing.
    Check out how the doggo foils the feline’s attempt at catching it off-guard.


    No F**ks Given! Watch Fluffy Kitty's Priceless Reaction to Pup Testing Its Patience
    Adorable Cat Wants to Play With Dog
    Not Quite the Cat's Meow: Feline Pants Like a Dog
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