10:16 GMT23 September 2020
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    Dogs love goofing around and everyone knows that, but some pets have particular obsessions, like this Instagram dog who loves piles of leaves. There are several videos of Stella on social media where she can be seen jumping in and out of them.

    Is that just dry leaves in the corner? You, might as well look again, because it could hide a dog keeping an eye on you under there, like the dog in this viral video. 

    In the video, a person behind the camera can be seen going near the pile of dry leaves, wherein he sees a dog secretly looking at him. Even with just one eye out, netizens recognised the dog, who is internet-famous for her leaf jumps. Identified as DogNamedStella on Instagram, the doggo is popular for her love of dry leaves and jumping into them. 

    People have also shared a compilation of all of her most famous jumps.


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