21:21 GMT +317 February 2019
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    No Soup For You!: US Man Nonchalantly Sips Soup From Store’s Hot Bar

    No Soup For You!: US Man Nonchalantly Sips Soup From Store’s Hot Bar

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    Just in time for flu season!

    If sneeze guards aren't enough indication of the cleanliness of most grocery stores' hot bars, this brief but baffling clip may do the trick.

    The 12-second clip, posted to Twitter by user @wtfvids_,shows an unidentified man casually ladling out hefty portion of piping hot soup, which is soon thereafter devoured with such a quickness that the excuse of "tasting" is out of the question.

    The way he scarfed that soup down could prove two things: this isn't his first time snatching soup, and he is clearly superhuman because any other person would've burned their mouth. 

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