12:35 GMT +325 June 2019
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    WWYD? Macedonia Motorists Caught in Traffic Jam

    WWYD? Macedonia Motorists Caught in Traffic Jam

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    Despite the rain, this is a good time to have a motorcycle!

    The 1970s board game Rush Hour appeared to come to life in a clip recently posted by Rumble Viral.

    Filmed at "one the busiest intersections" in Skopje, Macedonia, traffic appears to have reached a gridlock of epic proportions. Even with presence of traffic lights on a few poles, it would seem some motorists need to consider revisiting the rules of the road or request a roundabout for the city.

    Judging by the amount of aggressive honkers and fed-up drivers getting out of their vehicles, it may have taken quite a while to remedy this rush hour deadlock!

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