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    Pump Faking Pops Trips up Teen During Pickup Game

    Pump Faking Pops Trips up Teen During Pickup Game

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    He’s not an educator, but this grandpa had to take a second to school this youngster!

    A pickup game has gone viral after Twitter user Trevor Luznak decided to share a 18-second clip of one mature man (with two knee braces) giving his grandson a lesson on pump faking.

    Later identified by the Lansing State Journal as Leroy Martens, the grandpa is seen scoring a beautiful behind-the-back shot after his fake made young Andrew Menard do a complete 360-degree turn.

    "He was happy we are getting joy and excitement out of something we did with him," Luznak said.

    Not to be outdone, Menard, admittedly feeling "demoralized," eventually went on to win the game against Martens. However, it's likely this clip will be the part of the game remembered in their history books!

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