20:23 GMT +320 November 2018
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    Kidz Bop, Beach Ball Pop: Beer Drinking Woman Causes Scene at Children’s Concert

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    Perhaps a rogue beach ball caused her to spill some Modelo?

    A video of a Michigan woman has gone viral following a Modelo-fueled meltdown during a Kidz Bop concert at Meadow Brooks Amphitheatre in Rochester Hills.

    According to the owner of the footage, the woman was initially entertained by the beach volleyballs and even spiked them along (as most audience members do). Once the woman "had too many," however, she began to hoard lightweight balls and is even seen ripping one open.

    Despite being confronted by neighboring parents, the woman allegedly proceeded to cause a scene and inadvertently forced those around her to play a game of keep-away with the beach balls.

    While the Modelo madness could've been put to rest by alerting security, parents reportedly didn't want the woman's child, who appeared uncomfortable, to suffer the consequences and miss out on the concert.

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