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    Travis Pastrana All 3 Caesar’s Palace Jumps on July 9, 2018

    American Motorcycle Racer Jumps Over 52 Cars, 16 Buses, Fountain

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    Travis Pastrana, a world-renowned motorsports competitor and stunt performer, broke three records held by American motorcycle racer Evel Knievel. At a special event in Las Vegas, Pastrana, riding a motorcycle, jumped over 52 cars, 16 buses and a fountain near hotel Caesar Palace.

    The first jump, and the shortest of them all, involved 52 cars. Its length was 43.59 meters. In 1973, Evel Knievel, riding a motorcycle, jumped over only 50 cars, flying 36.58 meters in the air.

    The second jump cleared 16 buses that were 3.5 meters high. The length of the jump was 58.52 meters. Evel Knievel in 1975 jumped over 14 buses, with the total length being 40.54 meters.

    During the final record-breaking jump performed near the Caesar Palace hotel, Pastrana jumped over a 4.6-meter-high fountain, flying 45.23 meters through the air. Knievel's jump in 1967 amounted to 42.98 meters.


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