23:27 GMT19 June 2021
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    Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a likely recall election after more than 1.6 million Californians signed a petition first launched back in February. California counties now have until June 22 to verify the signatures.

    As the signature verification deadline approaches, retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Caitlyn Jenner, a Republican, has launched efforts to throw her hat into the gubernatorial recall election. 

    "A lot of Republicans in this country believe that [former US President] Donald Trump won the election and not [now-US President] Joe Biden. Are you one of those people?" asked "The View" co-host Joy Behar. 

    Jenner shot back that she was "not going to get into that" because the "election is over with." 

    "Trump did do some good things," the retired Olympian went on to assert. "What I liked about liked about Donald Trump is he was a disruptor." 

    "He was a disruptor when he was president. I want to do the same thing. I want to go in and be a thoughtful disruptor," Jenner said.

    Behar scoffed at her remarks. 

    Sunny Hostin, another co-host and a former federal prosecutor, pressed Jenner on her voting record, emphasizing that the 71-year-old has a spotty voting record. 

    "My question to you is why should California voters vote for you when my understanding is, in the last 20 years, you did not vote in 2/3 of elections," Hostin questioned. 

    Jenner replied that she is simply "the best person for the job" due to her "common sense." 

    "I also attract a lot of good people. I would also do everything for the people of the state," she concluded. 

    Other Republican candidates seeking to replace the Democratic governor include pro-choice, moderate Republican Kevin Faulconer and businessman John Cox, who lost to Newsom in 2018. 


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