23:22 GMT01 March 2021
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    Then-Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican, signed a law in August 2017 that declared August 4 "Barack Obama Day" statewide, commemorating the legacy of former two-term US President Barack Obama during his years in the Illinois State Senate, US Senate and the White House.

    Reps. Jon Cross (R-OH) and Reggie Stoltzfus (R-OH) wrote to fellow House of Representatives lawmakers on Friday to issue a co-sponsor request for a forthcoming proposal to recognize "June 14th as 'President Donald J. Trump Day.'" 

    "Former President Donald J. Trump was our 45th President of the United States and against great odds accomplished many things that have led our nation to unparallelled prosperity," Cross and Stoltzfus wrote in their joint email. “Let’s show the 3,154,834 Ohio voters who cast their ballot to re-elect Donald J. Trump that we as a legislature recognize the accomplishments of his administration." 

    The selected date is also the birthday of the former single-term US president.

    "President Donald J. Trump personified the emotions of millions of Ohioans who for too long have felt marginalized by our government and the American political system. While the media tarnishes his achievements and his legacy, this legislation will help ensure that for one day each year the voices of millions of people from all corners of our state will be commemorated," the email read. 

    The email calls on lawmakers wishing to co-sponsor the bill to respond by February 5th. 

    Many individuals, including fellow Ohio lawmaker Rep. Jeff Crossman, a Democrat, have pointed out that June 14th is the federally-established Flag Day, declared as such by a 1916 presidential proclamation issued by US President Woodrow Wilson.

    “I don’t like the idea of changing an existing federal holiday that honors the flag,” Rep. Jeff Crossman told The Columbus Dispatch. “I think it’s disrespectful.”

    Trump would not be the first US president to be considered for their own state holiday, as California and Ohio are among several states that recognize 'Ronald Reagan Day' on February 6, for the GOP president's birthday. According to California law, the bill encourages "public schools and educational institutions to engage in exercises remembering the life of Ronald Reagan, as specified."


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