04:13 GMT02 December 2020
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    Jones, a right-wing radio host, political commentator and conspiracy theorist whose content was scrubbed from nearly all major online platforms in 2018, has enjoyed a resurgence of mainstream visibility recently, appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast with comedian Tim Dillon, which attracted more than 12.5 million views in 10 days.

    Infowars founder Alex Jones showed up at a protest organised by Trump supporters outside the Maricopa County elections office in Arizona on Thursday night, pouring fuel on the flames sparked by Tuesday’s highly contested presidential election, and President Trump’s comments accusing the Democrats of trying to “steal” the vote.

    “The world is watching the example of Arizona, the President is watching [your] example, you’re not gonna let ‘em steal this,” Jones said in an expletive-filled rant replete with comments about George Soros, “fascist commies,” Bill Gates and “the New World Order”.

    Protesters set up camp outside the Maricopa County elections office after several media outlets including Fox News and the Associated Press called Arizona for Democrat candidate Joe Biden despite the fact that vote counting continues.

    “1776! 1776! Down with the New World Order! Up With Trump! Up with America! You ain’t stealing s*** New World Order!” Jones shouted, gripping a megaphone.              

    “We don’t know how this is going to end, but if they want a fight, they better believe they’ve got one,” he continued. “We’re not going to fight their little meth-head Antifa scum. We’re gonna take on the Soroses and the Bezoses and the Gateses. We’re going to take it directly to those scumbag Nazi bastards.”

    “Just like King George 245 years ago got his ass kicked, we’re going to defeat Soros and Bill Gates, just like we defeated the King of England,” Jones promised. “You have awakened the sleeping giant. Burn in Hell Joe Biden. Burn in hell Bill Gates. Burn in hell Fauci. America is awake and we are never backing down,” Jones roared.

    “1776 will never be conquered. That spirit of human liberty is bigger than America. It’s the human soul, and it’s spreading out worldwide demanding its liberty. And we will have 1776 come hell or high water,” he continued.

    Jones led protesters through chants of “1776”, “USA” and “America is United,” speaking to the crowd for more than an hour before leaving.

    Online, some accused Jones of “casually attempting to instigate Civil War.” However, others praised the commentator, suggesting that he “was right all along” with his conspiracy theories given the present political situation, and praised him for speaking out.

    Jones, 46, is arguably America’s most prominent conspiracy theorist, with his Infowars website receiving more than 10 million monthly visits. Jones gained notoriety for calling the 9/11 terror attacks an “inside job” plotted and carried out by the US government. He also believes that the Pentagon created a chemical “gay bomb” to change people’s sexual orientation, and has accused former Special Counsel Robert Mueller of being a paedophile. His 2017 claims that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a “completely fake”, staged hoax led to multiple lawsuits, forcing him to retract his statements and to say he believed the massacre “really happened”.

    Jones has been permanently banned from most mainstream online platforms. His content was purged from Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.


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