23:18 GMT13 May 2021
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    Anti-racism protests in Portland have been one of the most violent, prompting US President Donald Trump to dispatch federal forces to the city to help maintain law and order.

    Someone has used metal spikes to puncture the vehicles of federal law enforcement agents in Portland, Oregon, the acting commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Mark Morgan, said on Saturday.

    Morgan posted a tweet and attached a photo of the spikes inside what looks like a federal law enforcement evidence bag.

    ​He also shared pictures of other objects demonstrators presumably used against federal forces, including stones, fireworks, and even a knife and a firearm, apparently seized by the authorities.

    Morgan previously slammed the actions of the protesters in Portland, calling on the local authorities to step in and restore order in the city.

    A downtown federal courthouse has been the main target of Portland protesters. On Friday, federal agents used tear gas to disperse the protesters and prevent them from attacking the building. Demonstrators have also set fires at the scene.

    The authorities arrested at least 18 participants in the Friday protest, on charges ranging from assaulting federal officers to participating in attacks on a federal courthouse.

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