01:49 GMT12 August 2020
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    Donald Trump’s son-in-law has long been dogged by accusations of nepotism and conflicts of interest stemming from his role as White House senior adviser.

    The Twitter hashtag #HeWentToJared began trending in the United States on Wednesday night after an anti-Trump ad went viral.

    The ad, put out by the media group MeidasTouch, walks through the shortcomings of Jared Kushner’s tenure as senior adviser to Donald Trump, including the controversial Middle East peace plan, his whopping $82 million in outside income in 2018, reports that he backed the Saudi-led Qatar blockade due to being denied cash for his family's company, and rumour that he had been denied security clearance because of concerns about foreign influence.

    ​"When America needed leadership most, he went to Jared. We paid the price", reads the tagline.

    The new video has propelled the hashtag #HeWentToJared to the top of Twitter trends (it has dropped to third place at the time of publication).

    "It is no surprise Jared Kushner has been an utter failure in every task he has been assigned, and has made a fool of himself and the country across the world", MeidasTouch said in a statement.

    "Jared Kushner represents everything wrong with the Trump administration, and is Exhibit ‘A’ why Trump needs to be voted out of office. Our country can’t survive with 4 more years of Kushner and Trump".

    MeidasTouch, which supports Joe Biden, was formed by Ben Meiselas – a Los Angeles attorney who represented NFL player Colin Kaepernick – and his two brothers.

    The group has previously released ads criticising Ivanka Trump, who is married to Kushner, and bashing the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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