05:22 GMT08 August 2020
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    According to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAPD), the firefighters were injured as a result of an explosion on the scene after a fire took place in a one-story vacant commercial building in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday evening.

    On 16 May, more than 10 firefighters sustained injuries while extinguishing a fire in a building at 327 E. Boyd Street in Los Angeles, local media reported, citing the LAFD.

    “We know we’re at risk when we go to any emergency, but we never want to see this happen. So we’re hoping that all these firefighters can recover”, LAFD spokesman Nicholas Prange told KTLA news agency.

    He added that the majority of the injured were transported to a hospital.

    “We’re always worried about a secondary explosion, we don’t know what caused the first one and we’re trying to avoid this incident becoming even worse if the second one does happen”, the LAFD spokesperson went on to say.

    More than 230 firefighters are responding to the fire, police said. They are pouring water on the blaze from outside, as they are not able to enter the building.

    Multiple roads remain closed, and police are telling people in the area to shelter themselves from the smoke still rising from the scene.

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