00:38 GMT08 August 2020
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    President Trump has recently mocked Bloomberg on Twitter for dropping out of the Democratic primary and spending "a billion dollars" on his election campaign in vain.

    US President Donald Trump and former Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg fired shots at each other by exchanging funny gifs from Star Wars on Twitter. 

    Bloomberg initiated the meme war by sending a Star Wars clip to Trump, in which he apparently implied he was Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting Trump as Darth Vader. The US president responded with a meme of his own from the movie "Spaceballs", replacing the main villain Dark Helmet with Bloomberg instead.

    While some netizens wondered what was happening, others considered the Twitter battle to be pretty funny.

    "Bloomberg spent like $700 mil so he can send a Star Wars video to Trump. Amazing", another user tweeted.

    Bloomberg earlier announced his withdrawal from the Democratic race and endorsed Joe Biden for the presidential bid. He spent enormous sums of money on his campaign however, for which he has been criticised and even mocked both by Democrats and Republicans.

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