11:43 GMT26 October 2020
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    UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced her decision to resign from her post on 7 June due to her failure to implement the UK-EU divorce agreement. The latest draft of May’s Brexit plan has similarly met a backlash from her cabinet and other lawmakers.

    US National Security Adviser John Bolton said the outcome of the 2016 Brexit referendum represented a "triumph of democracy" when speaking to The Telegraph ahead of President Donald Trump’s state visit next week.

    "The US preference is for Britain to follow the course of what the people asked for and leave the EU. It is a lesson for everyone in the triumph of democracy", Bolton has stated.

    According to The Telegraph, citing the US national security adviser, Brexit gives the United Kingdom the opportunity to become a "strong and independent country" that will have a positive influence on the whole world and play a vital role in NATO.

    "I think it will help us in Nato in particular to have another strong and independent country that will help Nato to be more effective", he added.

    Earlier, on 30 May, Bolton reportedly stated that the US had made a success of its own declaration of independence from the UK.

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    Before this, UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she would be stepping down as Conservative leader and, subsequently, as prime minister, on 7 June, after failing to achieve a consensus in Parliament and within her own party over the country's withdrawal from the European Union.

    The United Kingdom remains in a deadlock over Brexit, as the British Parliament has rejected the withdrawal agreement negotiated with the European Union. The bloc has time and again stressed that it would not renegotiate. The United Kingdom did not leave the European Union on 29 March, as was originally planned, and was instead given a new deadline of 31 October.


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