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    Noah's Ark Replica at Ark Encounter theme park

    Noah's Arc Attraction Files Lawsuit After Heavy Rain Damages Vessel - Reports

    CC BY 2.0 / scott1346 / ark encounter
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    The 510-feet-high replica of the legendary biblical ship unveiled in 2016 is a centrepiece of the Ark Encounter creationist theme park located in Grand Country, Kentucky. Built by the group Answers in Genesis, it is considered the largest timber frame structure in the United States.

    The owners of the Ark Encounter theme park, which features an enormous copy of Noah's Ark, have brought forward a lawsuit against their insurers over their refusal to compensate for the damage inflicted by torrential rain in 2017 and 2018, according to the Courrier-Journal Kentucky. The owners said that heavy showers had caused a landslide on an access road to the attraction.

    According to the 77-page lawsuit, the insurers refused to pay 1 million dollars in damages citing 'faulty design or workmanship' on the road that is not covered by the owners' policy.

    However, the complaint adds that the insurer later consented to pay a part of the cost that it said was covered by the policy.    

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    The plaintiffs are now seeking compensatory and punitive recovery of losses.

    The ark itself was intact and the guests of the park have not been affected, the complaint says.


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