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    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., arrives to the stage as he kicks off his 2020 presidential campaign Saturday, March 2, 2019, in the Brooklyn borough of New York

    Bernie Sanders Kicks Off Second Presidential Campaign, Tells Family Story

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    US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who lost in the primaries to Hillary Clinton in 2016, has pledged to win the 2020 US presidential race ‘from the very beginning'.

    Sanders, while publicly announcing the beginning of his 2020 presidential ticket, running with a series of traditional electorate-oriented topics, went back to his roots, describing how hard it was for his family and himself to make it through those times, when "lack of money — was always a point of stress."

    "As we launch this campaign for president, you deserve to know where I came from because family history, obviously, heavily influences the values that we develop as adults," the presidential hopeful said during a visit to Brooklyn College.

    The content of the speech appeared to reflect a trend established by other candidates running for the White House, who, according to The Washington Post, share details of their private life with voters.

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    While delivering his speech, Sanders highlighted that he knows where he came from — "a lower middle class family", and continued with recollections from his past.

    "My mother's dream was that someday our family would move out of that rent-controlled apartment to a home of our own. That dream was never fulfilled. She died young while we still lived in that rent-controlled apartment," Sanders said, cited by The Washington Post.

    Appealing to people's emotions, Sanders distanced himself from the incumbent US president, saying that ‘unlike Donald Trump' he knows "what it's like to be in a family that lives paycheck to paycheck."

    "I did not have a mom and dad who gave me millions of dollars to build luxury skyscrapers and casinos and country clubs. But I had something more valuable: I had the role model of a father who had unbelievable courage in journeying across an ocean, with no money in his pocket and not knowing a word of English," the 77-year-old lifelong politician said.

    Sander's Saturday speech saw various reactions among social media users.

    While some Twitterians were supportive,

    ​Others interpreted the speech as targeting and harming Trump.

    ​Some were skeptical, noting that the speech was normal for a politician who promises ‘something for everybody' without giving details



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