14:24 GMT02 March 2021
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US government wasted at least $114 million in 2018 on such projects as producing a drama series for Afghanistan television and advising on parliamentary procedures in Libya, Senator Rand Paul said in his 2018 annual "Waste Report."

    "Dr. Paul’s Festivus Waste Report, now in its fourth year, shines a spotlight on some of the wasteful spending and misplaced priorities that have helped the federal government place taxpayers on the hook for a debt that is rapidly closing in on $22 trillion," Paul said in a press release on Friday.

    Highlights of the report include providing over $76 million in stipends to soldiers in the Somali National Army, devoting over $650,000 to develop a drama series in the Pashto, or Pushtu language to air on Afghan TV, spending up to $1 million on helping support and develop the legislative process in Libya," the release said.

    The US government also devoted $50,000 to teaching female entrepreneurs in India how to "vlog" on a State Department program, spent $75,000 using leaf-blowers against lizards and $874,000 to study the sexual habits of quail birds on cocaine, the report said.

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