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    White House chief strategist Steve Bannon listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with county sheriffs in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington

    The Silent Majority? Steve Bannon Says Polls Irrelevant, GOP Will Hold Senate

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    The former chief strategist recalled an unexpected victory of Donald Trump back in 2016, which US pollsters failed to predict. He also acknowledged the upcoming midterms are going to be a hard fight for both sides.

    Former Trump's chief strategist and a former executive chairman of Breitbart news, says he thinks that the Republicans will win the majority in the Congress in the midterm elections, and that the polls hardly reflect the true GOP support among American population.

    He referred to a situation which happened back in 2016, when polls predicted an overwhelming victory of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. According to Bannon, people are unwilling to tell they support the Republicans even to the pollsters — an effect that Trump referred to as "silent majority" back in the 2016.

    "Even people that had voted for Donald Trump [in 2016] were unwilling to tell pollsters that they had done it," Bannon said in an interview, according to the Washington Examiner.

    "I think you're seeing that again," Bannon said. "I think the polls are understated for the Trump voters."

    Bannon predicts that GOP will have little to no problem winning the Senate. It is the House of Representatives that will become the primary arena, but even the House can be won if Trump voters make a high turnout.

    "We'll hold [the Senate], pick up maybe two or three seats. The House, I can say, it is a complete dogfight. It can go either way. Right now, I think there are 25 seats that are clearly up for grabs," he said. "If Trump voters turn out, I actually think we'll hold the House."

    "It's incumbent that the Trump voters get out," he added.

    Bannon dismissed the idea that Democrats are going to score an easy and overwhelming victory. However, he also acknowledged that the upcoming elections are going to be tough for the Republicans, too.

    "All this promise of this massive [blue] tsunami is over. This is going to be very hard fought. It'll come down to a handful of districts. I think this is a very narrow gate that the Republicans have to go through," he said.

    The former chief strategist opined that the upcoming midterms are going to effectively be a vote of confidence on Trump, calling it "Trump's first re-election."

    "This contest for the midterm election… is Trump's first reelect. This is a referendum on Trump," he said.

    Some election prognosticators predict Democrats will pick up the 23 House seats need to gain control of the lower chamber. FiveThirtyEight's House forecast says the Democrats have about an 85 percent chance of flipping the House, the Hill reports.

    In his interview, Bannon also commented on the migrant caravan issue.

    "We have to get engaged down there. The problems of those people can't be solved by the working-class people in Arizona and New Mexico and Texas. It has to be solved in Central America. And I think it's going to require more engagement," he said. "Trump is going to stop playing games with Congress after this election. And he's going to force his border wall."


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