00:34 GMT08 August 2020
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    The Dallas Police Department announced Friday that one of their officers returning home from her shift shot and killed a man at her apartment complex after mistaking his apartment for her own.

    Police Chief U. Renee Hall said during a press conference that it's unclear whether the officer, who has not been named, had ever before interacted with 26-year-old Botham Jean, a black man from the Caribbean who she encountered in his own apartment Thursday night. Jean was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    It's also unclear how the officer got into Jean's apartment. "Right now there are more questions than there are answers," Hall said.

    The officer called dispatch after she shot the man, telling them she thought the man's apartment was hers when she went inside. One young woman who lives in the building said she heard some of what happened. "It was, like, police talk: ‘Open up! Open up!'" she told local media.

    "We still have a lot to do in this investigation. So there's a lot of information I understand you guys want but this is all we can give you at this time," Police Sergeant Warren Mitchell told reporters.

    The Dallas district attorney's office is investigating alongside the police department. The officer will face charges of manslaughter, police said.


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