03:59 GMT31 May 2020
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    The US president has been criticizing the media outlets over what he has described as "fake news" and regularly citing anonymous sources, which, according to him, do not exist.

    President Donald Trump has left twitterians buzzing after he suggested that Twitter should delete accounts of the "failing New York Times" and "propaganda machine for Amazon" The Washington Post as a part of its campaign against fake accounts. Trump also said that both outlets will be "out of business" in a matter of seven years.

    Twitter users are also split over his suggestion, with many users slamming his proposition, countering that his account deserves it more.

    Others, though, have supported the president's suggestion

    Since the day of his inauguration, the US president has been engaged in a verbal crusade against several mainstream media outlets. In particular, he has called CNN, NBC ABC and CBS "fake news," while suggesting that the anonymous sources that they tend to cite actually do not exist. He has also called for a probe into US media over spreading "fake news."

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    Twitter has recently stepped up its efforts in fighting what it calls "fake accounts" after numerous accusations of ignoring the problem of "Russian bots" allegedly influencing the American people's political views. Trump has branded allegations regarding "Russian bots" and alleged Russian meddling into the US presidential elections as a "witch hunt," allegedly organized by Democrats.


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