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    South Carolina woman gets arrested and charged for repeatedly slapping a black teen and assaulting two officers during arrest.

    WATCH: US Woman Slaps Black Teen at Community Pool, Attacks Responding Officers

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    A South Carolina woman was arrested Monday in connection to a weekend altercation in which she repeatedly hit a black teenager at a community pool and yelled racial slurs to force the 15-year-old and his friends out of the pool area.

    The woman, identified as Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, was captured on cellphone footage Sunday June 24 berating a group of kids at a community pool invited to go for a swim by a neighborhood resident.

    Footage shared on social media shows Sebby-Strempel hitting the victim roughly three times as he walked out of the pool area while she continued to tell him to "get out."

    "Get out! Get out, now," she yells before slapping the teen for a second time. "There's three numbers that I can dial — 911, okay? Get out!"

    Just before the 19-second video cuts off, Sebby-Strempel is heard shouting "little punks" before smacking the teen a third time.

    According to authorities with the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, the woman told the group from the moment that they walked onto the grounds that they did not belong and had to leave, local news station WCIV reported. Witnesses also informed officers that Sebby-Strempel shouted racial slurs, although that was not captured on the cellphone footage.

    Though the weekend incident came to an end once the group of teens left the pool area, things took a turn for the worse on Monday for Sebby-Strempel when deputies arrived at her home to charge and arrest her for the pool incident. WCIV reported that, rather than going with officials to the station, she opted instead to assault them: one got a knee injury after being pushed into the wall, while the second was bitten by the woman.

    Sebby-Strempel is currently charged with one count of third-degree assault and two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer. On Tuesday she was given a $65,000 surety bond by a county judge after spending a night in jail.

    Deanna RocQuemore, mother of the 15-year-old victim, told WCIV that she did "not want [Sebby-Strempel] out on the streets."

    "My son did the right thing regardless of what may have been verbally said by anyone else, my child was assaulted three times," she said. RocQuemore's son was examined by medical staff and determined to not be seriously hurt.

    Sebby-Strempel is expected back in court on July 11 for charges regarding the pool incident and on August 27 for assaulting the officers.


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