22:55 GMT08 March 2021
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    A large group of motorcyclists is said to be headed toward the US capitol of Washington DC with the intention of confronting US Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Monday.

    A group calling themselves the Deplorable Bikers — begun as an anti-Obama group just before the former US President's second term and transformed into a pro-Trump cabal during the latter's 2016 election campaign — tweeted that many of its adherents are headed to Washington DC to confront Mueller regarding his federally-mandated investigation into alleged collusion between the Kremlin and Trump's campaign.

    ​Reports claim that thousands of pro-Trump motorcycle riders have joined the mob, demanding that Congress defund what they refer to as the Mueller ‘witch hunt,' according to statements by spokespersons claiming to represent the group.

    ​Responding to accusations of collusion, Moscow has repeatedly denied interfering, calling the claims "absurd." As for the US president, he has denied colluding with the Kremlin, and has repeatedly called the federal justice department investigation a "witch hunt."

    An absence of collusion was established by a Republican-led House Intelligence Committee "Report on Russian Active Measure" report released last week.

    The committee did allege, however, that Moscow attempted to sow division in the US by carrying out cyberattacks and seeking to influence social media users.


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