04:50 GMT21 June 2021
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    Speaking at The Wing in Manhattan on Tuesday, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told audience members that several factors contributed to her 2016 loss to US President Donald Trump - but mostly, it was Russia and now-resistance hero James Comey.

    Aside from Russia, Clinton blamed fake news, misogyny, Cambridge Analytica, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the FBI for playing major roles in thwarting her path to the Oval Office — and not any weaknesses in her own campaign.

    "I think we are in a really bad spot," she told her audience after making a grand entrance to the tune of Macy Gray's 1999 hit "I Try." "I don't understand how what is happening is going to better prepare us for the future."

    "Everything is so unstable. There's a lot of confusion and concern around the world about what's happening in our country… and every day that goes by there's more evidence and more proof of Russia and fake news and Cambridge Analytica and misogyny and sexism. I mean it's hard… it's very hard," she added.

    For Clinton, misogyny really reared its head when Trump goaded on his supporters in chanting "lock her up" during the heated election cycle.

    "They're still chanting it. When he can't think of anything to say, Trump starts chanting it. And you sit there and think ‘does he think I was elected?'" Clinton asked. "Some of you probably remember when Kathy Griffin held up the head of Trump… What you may not remember is they were selling Trump holding up my head at the Republican convention and nobody said a word."

    While there was certainly plenty of offensive Clinton-related merchandise on sale around the convention, media outlets so far haven't dug up items depicting Trump holding Clinton's severed head.

    Continuing her blame game, Clinton declared that, Russia and misogyny be damned, she would've won the presidential race had former FBI Director James Comey not announced that he would be reopening the investigation into her emails late in the campaign.

    "But for the letter he wrote on October 28, I would have won," she said.

    Though she said she was inspired by student activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School rallying against the NRA, Clinton found that organization also to carry blame for her White House fail.

    "You know the NRA has spent more money on me than any other candidate," she said. "We'll find out if any of that was Russian money."

    According to Open Secrets, the NRA spend $19 million to oppose Clinton in the 2016 campaign and $11 million to support Trump. The Center for Responsive Politics found that it spent $15 million to oppose the reelection of then-President Barack Obama in 2012, and gave $3.4 million to support opponent Mitt Romney.

    And then there was WikiLeaks.

    "You had the Russians stealing the DNC emails and then stealing emails from my campaign and on October 7 the CIA director said for the first time that the Russians were interfering in our election," she said. "Now that would have been a big story, except shortly after that the Access Hollywood tape was released and so that became the giant story. [However, after the tapes] WikiLeaks began dropping emails from [Clinton campaign chair] John Podesta's account."

    The Chicago native later predicted that things will only get worse as we haven't "seen the bottom yet."

    "It's very scary to contemplate, but more could happen that would put our rights at risk, our freedom at risk, our values, our fundamental views of what is means to be Americans."


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