10:43 GMT +318 February 2019
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    US Congress Approves $1.3 Trn Spending Bill

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    US Congress has approved $1.3 trillion spending bill to fund government and sends it to Trump for signing into law.

    The upper house of Congress voted 65-32 for the budget blueprint averting the shutdown after the House passed the legislation by 256-167. It will now go to the president’s desk for signature.

    Previous day, Lawmakers in the US Congress reached a bipartisan deal to keep funding the government through 2018 to avert a shutdown.

    The draft budget, among other things, included the biggest increase in defense funding in 15 years. Also, it allocated $250 mln for countering "Russian influence".

    The blueprint included allocation of $200 million for military assistance to Ukraine, including lethal aid. "For the ‘Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative’, $200,000,000 is hereby appropriated, to remain available until September 30, 2018," the draft read.

    It has also unlocked nearly $1.6 billion in funds for the construction of fencing on the Mexican border.

    Since January, US government experienced trouble with operation because of delays in the adoption of bill on the financing of institutions. After a brief shutdown in February both the US House of Representatives and Senate enacted a continuing resolution to keep the government funded for six more weeks.


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