12:05 GMT25 February 2021
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    To ring in a new era of White House press briefings, newly appointed Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders began her first official session in the job by thanking US President Donald Trump for the promotion, and then proceeded to read aloud what she claimed to be a child’s letter praising the commander-in-chief.

    Sanders announced that from that day forward — July 26, 2017 to be exact — briefings would occasionally start with a simple "reminder of why we’re all here every day."

    ​"As a working mom, it’s not lost on me what a great honor and what a great privilege it is to stand here at the podium and I thank the president for the opportunity," Sanders said. "I'll always do my best to truthfully answer your questions and deliver the president’s message."

    Then, Sanders read aloud from what she said was a letter from a nine-year-old American named Dylan, who just wanted to let Trump know he was his "favorite president," and that he was unsure as to why "people" didn’t like him.

    ​To each inquiry little Dylan posed, Sanders followed up with an answer. For instance, we’re happy to report that Trump in fact said he "would be more than happy to be" friends with his young fan. 

    With that, Sanders set off a storm of confusion among journalists trying to figure out what was going on in the White House. 

    Some joked Eric Trump wrote the letter.

    ​Another refused to mince words…

    ​…while noting that praising Trump isn’t exactly what the press briefings are meant for. 

    ​But wait, didn’t former President Barack Obama also do the whole letter-from-a-child shtick? 

    It went down a little differently, though. 

    ​It seems safe to say not everyone is feeling the new briefings tradition.


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