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    Senators Call for Probe Into US Assault on Traditional Values in Other Nations

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    Six US senators wrote a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this week calling for an investigation into the Obama administration’s funding for so-called progressive causes and radical groups undermining traditional values and legitimate governments in other countries, analysts told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Historian and international affairs commentator Matthew Dal Santo told Sputnik that the issue brought up in the letter from the senators is of a "real concern," as money of US taxpayers is being used to further a "progressive agenda just about wherever there is a US embassy around the world."

    On Tuesday, a group of US Senators led by Mike Lee from the state of Utah called on Tillerson to investigate US embassies funding political factions within other sovereign nations, including through a George Soros-backed organizations funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

    "The recent case of Macedonia springs to mind, where USAID last year used $300,000 to promote an 'LGBTI [Lesbian-Gas-Bisexual-Transgender-Intersex] ‘Inclusion Project' that would inevitably run counter to the teachings of the local Orthodox Church, the biggest religious group in the country," Dal Santo said on Thursday.

    The senators’ letter specifically mentioned Macedonia, where credible organizations have noted US and EU direct interference in the country’s political process by aiding leftist and radical groups to foment unrest, as well as interfere in elections, courts and the media.

    "Perhaps those countries should be allowed to go through a process of public discussion and decide for themselves what is right for them — just as the US has done on this issue — without the government of the United States deciding that it already knows what's best for them?" Dal Santo suggested.

    Under Obama, the US government intervened in Macedonia and other countries through USAID funds given to Soros’ foundations and other nominally non-governmental entities. The US embassy, either via the Soros network or otherwise, used taxpayer funds to pressure officials, meddle in elections and courts, impose media censorship and otherwise undermine the country’s government, according to published reports.

    The Macedonians have been particularly incensed that the Soros network has promoted the so-called "Tirana platform," calling for a bilingual, federalized Macedonia split into an Albanian and Macedonian part, which could lead to a subsequent partition of the country. More than 150,000 Macedonian have demonstrated in the past two weeks daily in Skopje and 30 other towns in opposition to the Tirana platform.

    "The argument isn't about whether such a cause is or isn't right or worthy. It's about the US seeking to export Western beliefs and values to societies with different, more traditional values," Dal Santo explained.

    The senators’ letter identified the growing problem of rival factions within the US federal government competing to promote rival and polarized agendas and ideologies, Eurasian Business Coalition Vice President Ralph Winnie warned.

    "The problem now is you have got competing interests in the US government — conservative and liberal. Therefore you have the danger that successive or alternative factions in government will promote conflicting and contradictory policies. If that happens, you are going to have a lot of problems," he said.

    The United States needs to have a consistent foreign policy with a consistent message, Winnie explained.

    "That is the problem: We haven’t had a consistent message," he said.



    There was a strong feeling in many countries around the world that elites were controlling the agenda against the interests of ordinary people, Winnie noted.

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    US Senators Urge Tillerson to Probe Interference in Foreign Parties' Policies
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    • Darius
      The promotion of so called «gay rights» probably come from there.
      In France, many people took part in demonstrations against «gay marriage», but to no avail. The people's opinion was ignored !
    • support
      If there is no inherent respect for the values of a host country where the US diplomatic mission is at best a guest and (always dubiously now, based on past misbehaviour) an undesired partner, the USA has no business having a diplomatic mission there at all and should be thrown out on their arse.

      The USA always rides the grace and goodwill generated by the WW II American generation but this must stop completely. All those dauntless and cheerful people are no longer in the workforce and the moral interest their spiritual capital generated was long ago expended.

      Harvard grads today, monolingual as they are unless foreign-born, can barely read and write at the level of a 1940 high school graduate from Keokuk, Iowa. America needs to stop using its Ivy League-based diplomatic corps as an overseas toxic-waste dumping ground for these morally and intellectually defective dope-addled tapeworms who lambast all so cursed as to encounter them with their delusions of grandeur and unassailable majesty.
    • Drain the swamp
      The synagogue of satan nudelmans took over the State Dept, with their gay cohorts and started telling Africans buggery is OK via jew Ambassadors appointed for their contributions to Obama campaign. Its all michaels fault !! Thank God for Trump, in fact Putin was a big target for the devils only because of his stand against gay propaganda to unsuspecting children.
    • avatar
      ooh, a PROBE...that's going to fix everything. (sarcasm in extremis).
    • avatar
      The senate starting to raise its moral voice again after being completely shut down by Obama's CIA doctrine of toxic democracy.
      Americans albeit true Americans in the moral sense I speak of, will be dancing in their homes right now to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
      That's the second letter in the week from groups of senators who are decent law abiding representatives of at least 60-70% of Americans.
      How so bloody refreshing and joyful if I was a bear I would be heading for the Forrest right now for a bloody good dump.
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, the last sentence is most telling as it is clear a consistent or even non-insane foreign policy is the last thing on everyone's mind at State. The only reason State ever does anything with effect ever is that now they only "do" chaos-meistering so as to blindisde and thereby screw over everyone they encounter diplomatically. State Department inductees are taught how to wrongfoot the hapless in their formal training.

      State could care less if their policy is sensible, sound and predictable. Predictability is a negative in Millennial Newspeak. "We need to destructively innovate more!" is their mantra.

      They are such gutless wussies that they have to use squidgy, damp diapers terms like "fake news" instead of the more direct "lies," and "disruptive innovation" instead of destructive innovation" even though in more sensitive conduct of diplomacy, disruptivness is the equivalent of destructiveness.

      State listens to no one. They ALWAYS know more than you do if you are a client country.

      The most destructive force unleashed on client countries with the blessings of the US State Department are US missionaries of all persuasions.

      As the most glaring example of missionary malfeasance, if Haiti could put all of them out of the country their economy would heal, STD rates would shrink to nothingness, and even the restavek system could then be controlled and eventually eliminated.

      It is complete BS that American celebrities who are black shout and moan about America's slave heritage then get onto one of Delta's six flights a day from the USA to Port-au-Prince to disport themselves with 12- to 14 year old restaveks for the weekend.

      None of thhat example would be possible without the collusion both of the US missionary community there in Haiti and the US State Department.
    • arpito
      Have to remember here that Soros is Jewish and the USA is controlled by Israel through its expatriate population. And the agenda of these people is the systematic destruction of Christian values. Their state religion is deeply racist, just as much so as that of the Arabs.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Good I'm glad to see there will be an investigation regarding this matter. There is hardly any far left socialist attitude throughout the world. Most people are family oriented and conservative. So it's obvious any uprising internationally are the result of paid activists via pervert george Soros. Most people won't give a crap about the LGBTI people except an extremely small percentage of that population and Obama himself since he is one of them ....
    • avatar
      if only it were true...america packing up and going home to mind its own business
      a dream
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, I figure state employees must also watch (several times at least) yes minister / prime minister. :)
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