07:26 GMT +328 March 2017
    Ukrainian troops launch assault on Slavyansk

    Senator Says US National Guard Training Ukrainian Soldiers Fighting in Donbass

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    US National Guard unit from the state of Oklahoma is training Ukrainian troops involved in the fighting in the eastern part of the country, Senator Jim Inhofe said in a press release.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Inhofe stated on Friday that the US mission builds the "trust and confidence" between Washington and Kiev.

    “The combat experience and expertise of the 45th [Infantry Brigade Combat Team] makes them the perfect unit to perform this critical mission of advising and training Ukrainian Army units who rotate in and out of the intense fighting in Eastern Ukraine,” he said.

    Earlier on Friday, President Donald Trump said during a press conference that the United States would like to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Ukraine.

    The fights in eastern Ukraine erupted in April 2014 as a local counter-reaction to the West-sponsored Maidan coup in Kiev that had toppled legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych in February. Residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions held independence referendums and proclaimed the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. Kiev has since been conducting a military operation, encountering stiff local resistance.

    In 2015, the sides to the conflict in eastern Ukraine reached a ceasefire agreement in Minsk following negotiations brokered by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. However, the agreements have repeatedly been violated, with the conflict escalating near the southeastern Ukrainian towns of Avdiivka and neighboring Yasynuvata in late January of 2016.


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      Darrell R
      Trump said the US would like to find a peaceful solution to in the Ukraine. Allowing the people in the disputed territories to decide their own destiny is the only way. He surely knows that.
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      Do they need training? Why not teach them to live in harmony and abide by the Minsk agrrements?
    • avatar
      yes, the us national guard is good at training military units to act against civilians. Anyone remember May 4th 1970?
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      Seems McCain and his neocon cohorts still instigating more sh-it. One wonders wheres trumps authority is to put a stop to this B/S!!!
    • avatar
      US is training militant groups to kill their own civilians and thats the way US works.
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, I remember that from TV and Detroit in the summers of 1967 and 1968 firsthand. Gov. George Romney called for and got components of the 82nd and 101st Airborne back from Viet Namcomplete with M48 tanks and APC 113's with hydraulic quad-mounted ,50 cal machineguns which were used profusely in the hunt for snipers.

      The USA once again is supporting the wrong side. They are Daesh in the Ukraine. If they had backed Donetsk and Lugansk two years ago, the Minsk Agreement would have been honoured in full and Kiev would be awash with well-priced & sorted coal for their heating, power generaiton and metallurgical needs.

      Are people in the US State Department ever randomly checked for drug abuse? Has anyone also checked Hamster McDeath's personal finances lately following his recent trips?

      The object of Viet Nam was to cull the new crop of alpha Boomers so as to undermine America's industrial base by killing off our finest machinists and apprentice engineers, thus making room for Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican and Japanese production output in the US market.

      America's involvement in Iraq and the Afghan was to kill off the future heirs to America's farmlands so as to allow Archer-Daniel-Midlands, Cargill and other ag consortiums of internationalist thugs to acquire the Midwest's family farms with no opposition. Farmkids were deliberately recruited. The vets I know get into shouting matches over the topic but there is nothing they can do, The US Feds would love to massacre the lot of them as it would only make life less expensive in achieving their aims if veterans so much as openly consider offering organised resistance.

      For now the DVA settle for persuading these young veterans that they are crazy and then feeding them pills that invariably kill them off over 5 or so years maximum.
    • supportin reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Glamoureus, I have been trying to tell people that for years from other countries and they do not believe me but it is the truth. What the Feds do to their own people they eventually try on with everyone on their diplomatic "to do" list.
    • md74
      That explains their losers performance.
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      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, so it's a case of; now that we've done with you, don't hang around to remind us of our duties and obligations - and NEVER think that we are the same as you!
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      The peaceful solution Trump says he is looking for may be already at hand. Donetsk People's Republic leader Alexander Zakharchenko has been in Crimea the past few days discussing with Russian officials various aspects of Russian-DPR/LPR integration, a sign the Donbass Republics may soon be incorporated into the Russian Federation. Also, Kiev regime leader Petro Por(k)oshenko has made the Donbass blockade official, thus cutting off virtually all transport and travel between Ukraine and the DPR/LPR. Meanwhile, the DPR has begun selling coal to Russia, and has plans to export wheat to Russia as well. This on top of Putin's recent move to accept DPR/LPR identification in Russia, as well as Sverbank's willingness to grant bank services to DPR/LPR citizens in Russia, means the two Donbass republics are becoming DE FACTO part of Russia. Whether the U.S. provides training or even lethal weapons to Ukraine is almost moot at this point. Not only is America a useless country with a completely out-of-date foreign policy, the U.S. is also growing virtually defenseless against the powerful forces of human will across the world---a world it has ravaged mercilessly---and against the determination of the Russian-speaking people.
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