21:18 GMT +323 March 2017
    President Barack Obama, walks down the steps of the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    US Senate Intel Committee Passes Bill Against Russian 'Covert Broadcasting'

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    The US Senate Intelligence Committee has passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2017, which also aims to counter alleged Russian media manipulation and limit travel of accredited Russian diplomats within the United States, according to a release issued by the committee Chairman Richard Burr.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — "The bill authorizes funding for the US intelligence community… [and] requires the President to establish an interagency committee to counter Russian active measures," the release stated on Friday.

    The Authorization Act was passed by unanimous consent on Thursday.

    The bill alleges that Russia is taking active measures to exert influence over people and governments through covert broadcasting and media manipulation. The document urges the US president to establish a committee to counter such activities.

    The House version of the bill also proposes quarterly limitation on travel distance for Russian diplomats in the United States. Moreover, the bill requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit an update on Russian "warfighting doctrine."

    The US administration has been accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election. Last week, the US Intelligence Community released a public version of a comprehensive report assessing Russian activities.

    The report did not offer proof for the claims that Russia attempted to hack and influence the US election process, but made the claims anyway.

    Russia has repeatedly denied the US allegations calling them absurd and characterizing them as an attempt to divert public opinion from revelations of corruption as well as other pressing domestic issues.


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      The terrorist American government cracking down on freedom of speech.
      Just like Nazi Germany's did in order to control the state propaganda.
      Cease pool of a nation.
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      Here's what Burr promised to fix in 1994: lower health care costs, economic development, and strong school systems. He has obviously failed. What do these people ever accomplish?
    • Dirk Ramsey
      Congress critter Burr is wiping his fat tushie with the first amendment. The sheep in the U$A will let him.
    • avatar
      How do you prove propaganda? How do you prove mind control? I mean without the evidence of an implanted chip? Simply by introducing a vague and ambiguous bill in congress that says it is so. Of course, no bill is without its compensation to some deserving entity that will hold the bill in fiat as proof that there is propaganda that needs protecting from. It is a form of censorship and you are seeing the beginning of the dark ages all over again. It begins with a fear of the liberality of ideas, but what replaces it is the doom of any civilization. I just thought you should know how your government is protecting your from yourself. And if you have doubts about this, well, that too is a form of mind control, isn't it?
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      WAIT who did this to attempt to derail TRUMP? Russia?

      Russia MUST retaliate with equal measures. After next Fri, TRUMP could fix that or U.S diplomacy MUST remain within say 3 miles of embassy. No more go to schools or NOTHING.
      Russia MUST just say the honest TRUTH on broadcasts /. BUT remember that all depoends where the interviewed comes form.
      There was an E.U man very old, he said that Russia MUST go to Washington and submit to eliminate sanctions like Soviets did.

      Meaning. We want to split Russia like Yugoslavia.
      FIGHT regime changes. VETO all U.S west INTERESTS.Even IF there is wrong doing. Like Israel and KIEv , etc.
      DEMAND NO new sanctions EVER , to remove Russian sanctions and have trade and investment. DON'T BE SO NAIVE!!
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      from some american commentators, it seems that there is really no need for extra funds to be spent on the int community, the deplorable state of the education 'system' (for want of a better word), would hinder any rational or intellectual understanding of statements or arguments placed in the media by any Russian agency.
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      So where does that leave the US citizens who identify as Russian? Will Russian students, tourists, businesspeople and their families be harrassed?

      Will the same treatment be applied to Israeli folk, Saudi or British, because they also lobby to influence US elections, and culture? Will they go after Russian sympathisers or just ordinary people who happen to share the same cultural or political outlook as Russian people? Vodka drinkers? Classical musicians who play Shnittke? Moviegoers who watch Kramer? Schoolteachers who deride McArthyism?
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      "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies." —Groucho Marx
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      Igorin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Please define "deplorable education system". Do you forget America is 'exceptional'?
    • megargy
      Sad !
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      What you do to Russia shall be done to you by the rest of the world.
      Be prepared to receive your own medicine.
    • Abinico Arts
      The US media is nothing more that a department of the CIA/NSA and they have the gall to do this.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toIgor(Show commentHide comment)
      Igor, how could I forget, they keep on telling us! (they being the usg and their drones) :) As far as the education system goes, this is too brief a space. :) Thanks! :)
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      Igorin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      Just saying I am back doing business as 'Igor'.
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      michaelin reply toIgor(Show commentHide comment)
      Igor, ;)
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