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    Police in Urbandale, Iowa set a blockade after two police officers were shot and killed in separate attacks described as ambush-style in Des Moines, Iowa, US November 2, 2016

    US Police Officers Worry More for Their Safety in Wake of High-Profile Shootings

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    93 percent of US law enforcement officers say their colleagues worry more about their personal safety - a level of concern recorded even before a total of eight officers died in separate ambush-style attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge last July, according to a new research.

    NEW YORK (Sputnik) — Vast majority of law enforcement officers in the United States say the recent spike in fatal encounters with residents has significantly increased the level of difficulty of their job, a new Pew Research survey conducted by the National Police Research Platform revealed on Wednesday.

    "About nine-in-ten officers (93%) say their colleagues worry more about their personal safety — a level of concern recorded even before a total of eight officers died in separate ambush-style attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge last July," the survey indicated.

    Moreover, 76 percent of officers say they are more reluctant to use force when appropriate as a result of high-profile killings of blacks across the United States.

    Less than two-thirds of officers also say they remain skeptical of racially-driven demonstrations by groups such as Black Lives Matter in wake of shootings involving police as they are motivated to a great extent by anti-police bias.

    The report utilized data from online interviews with nearly 8,000 law enforcement officers across the United States.


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      I'd be more worried about a cop shooting me.
      Maybe if cops stopped murdering unarmed individuals they wouldn't make them self the target by being the bad guy in the publics eye.
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      I wonder why they don't just develop different tactics. And if anyone is suprised there has been a culture of "war" on this, "war" on that, which boils down to every time a cop makes that "war" statement he is claiming war on the American people. And law enforcement been shooting more people in a week than most countries do in war. I think they have brought this upon themselves.
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      We need peace officers- not law enforcement officers.
      Peace officers work for the people.
      Law enforcement officers work for the court systems. *Conflict of interest.
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