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    Russian 'Spy Compound'

    Harsh US Sanctions Ban Russian Use Of Maryland’s Grills, Ocean Views

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    US Sanctions Russia Over Alleged Interference in Election (38)

    Ruthless US sanctions have banned the use of a highly-private and strategically placed Russian “spy compound,” a vacation retreat center in Maryland where families grilled burgers, hot dogs, and maybe even nuclear-Russian shish kebobs.

    On Thursday unmarked SUVs surrounded a Maryland property belonging to the Russian Embassy to the United States to send a clear signal: Russians are not welcome any more.The Obama administration designated the vacation retreat as a compound used for ‘spying purposes’ without expanding on what kind of spying was going on in the remote location. 

    Unsurprisingly, it is extremely difficult to justify intelligence gathering here, as no military base or government building can be found anywhere nearby and everyone in the neighborhood has known for decades that the spot is a retreat for Russian diplomats and their families. If you had been a spy, coming here would be the best way to blow your cover. Nevertheless, this quaint family vacation spot is what the US has targeted in their latest round of sanctions.

    Unmarked Vehicles Outside Russian Retreat Center
    Unmarked Vehicles Outside Russian Retreat Center

    ​Google maps gives a detailed look at this 'spy nest,' revealing several wooden summer houses and a 1920s Georgian-style abode to be the home of some of Russia’s most lethal weapons, including lush magnolia, cypress, and boxwood trees. With great views and perfectly-charbroiled steaks on the way, maybe the Obamas want to spend some vacation time there themselves.

    A fence encloses an estate in the village of Upper Brookville in the town of Oyster Bay, N.Y., on Long Island on Friday, Dec. 30, 2016
    © AP Photo/ Alexander F. Yuan
    A fence encloses an estate in the village of Upper Brookville in the town of Oyster Bay, N.Y., on Long Island on Friday, Dec. 30, 2016
    The Washington Life magazine previously ran a feature on the covert operations center, revealing that the "dacha" (that’s Russian for summer house), is a cherished getaway. "It’s a Russian tradition," Yuri Ushakov, the Russian Ambassador at the time, told the magazine. "You will find Moscow empty on Saturdays and Sundays, even in winter. A dacha is a good place to spend time outdoors with family and friends."

    ​​However, the Obama administration felt that enough is enough, and it was time to put an end to these egregious activities. Russian diplomats, after all, should not have too much fun while in the US, as, otherwise, they might like it here and become too friendly with Americans, something that the outgoing administration has worked hard to prevent at all costs — even if it seriously complicates the lives of US diplomats in Russia. After all, there’s no doubt that Moscow will take similar measures toward Americans, as the diplomatic tradition requires. But who cares, if you can have another great headline, and show how tough you are on the Russians. And their barbeque. 

    US Sanctions Russia Over Alleged Interference in Election (38)


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      that's the clever american...show the world how stupid and small minded you are. (sarcasm aimed the the usg and agencies) Maybe they are the qualities of the 'american century' that obumma was so exceptionally proud of? :)
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      jasin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, The problem is that Obama isn't even an Amer4ican.
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      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, you've raised a core issue I believe. It may be acceptable under the constitution to be born of an american national, but there is more to being an American than simply that. Isn't it also the time and place that you live in that makes you an American? Being a child of the diaspora (such as obama) of whatever nation / culture, also means that you too miss something of the core culture of your forebears. An example would be the sense of the Rodina that is missing from those Russians born overseas or those who spend their formative years in countries in the west etc. :)
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      Yeah. The "agressors"; I found it so funny that Mr. Putin had to clarify what "agressor" means, as I read it here in Sputnik. The "establishment" doesn't even have a dictionary at hand so as to know the definition of "agressor". Go figure. Or, do they and just provide new meanings to words? New or Opposite? Calling what is good, bad, and what is bad, good.
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      Why not do same BACK... Russia will get NOTHING in return.
      Now there are talks in Washington that restoring relations could be used for propaganda , saying TRUMP is a Russian STOOGE.
      they been showing in those shows from U.S.
      Russia MUST expel all diplomats, their families and all INTEL personnel. Including any retreat they have in Russia.. FAST.
      in 21 days, well, then TRUMP can restore all to move relations forward and Russia can respond in kind.

      Look at JAPAN Russia deals. Russia just have the first cancer treatment drug!!! JAPAN wants it to MAKE IN JAPAN and sell or whatever there. Are RUSSIANS STUPID? SLOW? NO..
      Russia MUST keep that drug to be sold from Russia.
      A stronger Ruble could be offset easily too.But that may be a temporary FLU.
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      Excellent article, who ment to know how idiot a part of mankind is! Berry the ''American'' , you better hide in the Jungle
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      May the weeds grow up and reach all the way to Washington, especially on the block where Obama intends to live.
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      2 words: Hysterical Impotence.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Obama is only doing this to save his butt....... He will soon be out and must show his democratic cry babies that he responded somehow to Hillarys loss........ Trump needs to come in and counter balance what Obama did to the Russians. This is a dog and pony show from the Democrats....... They are trying their best to show the election was lost due to hacking and not the will of the American people. However most of the Americans know how full of crap and corrupt the DNC is so everyone knows what Obama is doing is all a big lie ! The American people are not fooled...... Over 70 % of Americans know Russia had nothing to do with the Hillary loss..... Hillary and the DNC lost because they are corrupt and TREASEANOUS to the US.
    • avatar
      Obama admitted he was hurting after the Democrat demolition this action is just out and out cynical madness nothing but contempt can result from such a pathetic attitude towards a crucial nation in the scheme of things.

      To call it a 'spy nest' is beyond comprehension the action belies the attitude that Obama does not want a diplomatic relationship full stop with Russia.
      Its somewhat like the kid at school who always had the shiniest marbles till finally a poor kid come to school with marbles that glowed like a moon and the other kid kicks his marbles away and leaves.

      Really what is the emotional IQ of Obama and some of his 'deplorables' about equal to a 5 year old?
    • Peace
      I have no words... Even Norwegian goverment behave like idiots in this case. Where is the evidence of this spying??? Ho have for the last 50year interupted election all over the world ?? Obama is like a child. The corrupt political elite in US can not take that Trump was winning. The american people have to clean up there political corrupt system.

      I really hope that Trump will change the way US behave and make US relation with Russia fare better then the duck Obama did.

      Its a reason for why Obama was in place 48 ov er the most influence people of the world. Its a reason for why Putin was number 1 for 4 years no. Corrupt US can not take this and corrupt western political can not take this...

      Good luck Russia. You have huge support all over the world...
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      armorin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, that 'Administration' is finished now, let's forget about the whole bunch. The new world has dawned, the multi-polar world, the growing role of Holy Russia, a world Power, THAT is what the arrogant west ( not the good NA people) will not accept. Ah well, Russia is here to stay, thank Heavens. Pres. Putin : we are behind you. Thank you. To you, elsa.zardini, I wish a prosperous and peaceful 2017. Forward in Faith.
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      double bonus
      Let's hope Russia forgives those who were dumb enough to vote for Obama.
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toarmor(Show commentHide comment)
      armor, I disagree, quite frankly. They have an ace under their sleeves: the US Army of Terrorists in possesion of nuclear bombs.
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