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    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton winks at a supporter after speaking at a campaign rally at the Iowa State Historical Museum in Des Moines, Iowa

    Glenn Greenwald Reveals How Pro-Clinton Trolls Originated Fake News Factory

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    In her first public speech since conceding the election, Hillary Clinton on Thursday denounced “fake news,” and called for Congress to essentially censor the internet. The problem with Clinton’s statements however, is that her own campaign led with the widespread use of the same fake news she so roundly decries.

    Clinton asserted in her Thursday speech that there is an “epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.” She also stated that “fake news” can have “real-world consequences,” and that the issue, as she understands it, “isn’t about politics or partisanship.”

    “It’s a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly.” Clinton said, adding, “Bipartisan legislation is making its way through Congress to boost the government’s response to foreign propaganda, and Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news. It’s imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives.”

    The problem is, Clinton’s call for an end to free speech is hypocritical, at best.

    On Friday, journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote an article for The Intercept shining a light on fake news that was specifically crafted to benefit the former First Lady in her unsuccessful presidential campaign.

    In October, Greenwald noted, during the period in which WikiLeaks was releasing emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the candidate’s campaign officials began lying to the public, claiming that the emails were doctored, and should be ignored. The claim was untrue, but was nonetheless faithfully repeated by networks and news outlets that were friendly with the Democratic candidate, such as MSNBC.

    “That the emails in the WikiLeaks archive were doctored or faked – and thus should be disregarded – was classic Fake News, spread not by Macedonian teenagers or Kremlin operatives but by established news outlets such as MSNBC, the Atlantic and Newsweek,” Greenwald wrote.

    “And, by design,” he said, “this Fake News spread like wildfire all over the internet, hungrily clicked and shared by tens of thousands of people eager to believe it was true. As a result of this deliberate disinformation campaign, anyone reporting on the contents of the emails was instantly met with claims that the documents in the archive had been proven fake.”

    Soon, MSNBC’s so-called intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance began spreading a rumor that “Trumpists” were altering documents from the WikiLeaks release, and his falsehood spread like wildfire as well.

    But the screengrab Nance cited as his proof did not come from supporters of the now President-elect, but from a hardcore-Clinton supporter named Marco Chacon, who was using the handle “the Omnivore” on Twitter.

    Chacon previously described himself, in an article for the Daily Beast, as a creator of “fake viral news” who targeted Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters. Chacon claimed that he created fake anti-Clinton controversy to discredit those who cited it. He never expected Clinton supporters to be the ones who fell for it.

    "I think one of the things that has happened is that so many reporters, especially now, are so devoted to one of the candidates, particularly Hillary Clinton, that they’re not actually interested in any news stories that they perceive don’t directly help her to win,” Greenwald told Sputnik Radio in October.


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    • Angus Gallagher
      The supposed post Brexit upsurge in hate crime was a prime example of fake news perpetrated by the elites. Project Fear itself was the strategic deployment of fakery on an epic scale.
      How many fell for it?
    • avatar
      when there is an image of hills and the word troll, it seems to fit - in all of its ugliness. :)
    • avatar
      How can she demand Congress do what she orders when she has no power? Plus, Obama has no executive power, owing to the fact, that in a few weeks time, Donald Trump will be sworn President. I wonder how many other tricks they have got up their sleaves to cause problems along the way?
    • juanm82
      they create false news too
    • avatar
      Fake news. You want to know what I think about fake news? There, especially for a generation, been a lot of it. It became the world's marketers main, only, in fact, game plan. It was a great plan. If all those marketers see customers leaving, not buying things anymore there can be only one reason.

      They went to a competitor who must be working the plan better.
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      Antares Prime
      This dovetails perfectly with the claims that Russia intervened in the US election to maximize the probability of Clinton's defeat.

      The interesting part of this is the reference to Silcon Valley and what its contribution is to be to stop the so-called "fake news." Everyone knows they're in bed with the Clintonites. Maybe they're supposed to make a stronger move to rig the Internet to make it harder for sites that have the interests of the American people in mind to operate.
    • avatar
      I bet Clinton has several cases of those recalled Newsweek magazines that said she won the election. She probably already signed copies for her staff. She looked really rough in that video, and very bitter.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Most people already know that Hillary and her cronies are full of crap. The fake news was originated by her party and they lie every day. CNN, ABC, CBS,NBC, POLITICO, MSNBC, THE NEW YORK TIMES. Also Hillary is queen of fake news. Remember her BS story of being under sniper fire ? Then when she got busted in the lie she said she had jet lag and did not know what she was saying..... She is so full of crap...... Also she lied in Benghazi about the rebe,s were mad because of a video made about Arabs - which we find out was a lie , then she is blaming the Russians for the emails hacked meanwhile Julian assange specifically said that Russia had nothing to do with it and he know who fed him the emails. So now Obama want an investigation but he is not investigating the Hillary and Podesta emails showing collusion with the main stream media. Meanwhile Hillary and company commit treasonous crimes based on the hacked emails and no one is doing anything.
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      The Clintons have big problems with their foundation and possible criminal charges. There's supposedly evidence that foundation funds were used for personal expenses, like paying personal taxes and for their daughter's wedding. Playing politics should be the least of their worries.
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      MSM was caught with their hand in the cookie jar on fake news. Now the same want to crush real news and control the fake news and keep people brainwashed. Why isn't Congress investigating CNN for handing over debate questions to Hillary ahead of time and their lies?
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      Crowbarin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis, Thanks very well said,thank God the bitch didn't win.Thanks again for your well written comment! : )
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