19:59 GMT19 June 2021
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    A family of doomsday preppers in Cleveland, Ohio, were ironically robbed of their survival equipment on Tuesday morning, proving they were not prepared enough.

    Ray and Teena Brayen are part of the Three Percenters militia, who portray themselves as being ready and prepared to take on even the United States federal government, if it overstepped personal liberty.

    Unfortunately for the Brayen family, their arsenal, including seven guns and body armor, were stolen, all while they were asleep at home. The family had just recently moved to Ohio from New York, and believes that the culprit or culprits may have seen them moving their equipment into the new home.

    "Should we be invaded by another country and not able to go get food or should something happen to where our food supply chain or our community would come into any type of harm's way, we have a way to supply for ourselves and the community around us," Teena Brayen told the local Fox affiliate.

    "These guys are prepared for war now, they have seven guns, seven," Brayen said.

    Having seven guns did not stop burglars, let alone a government, from breaking into their home, however.

    In addition to cleaning out their gun cases, the robbers also stole “a bag of machetes,” ammunition, and emergency food rations.

    Now, the family is worried that their stockpile has placed others in danger.

    "Our military personnel, especially, and our police officers because they wear bulletproof vests. We have a gun out there that can pierce them and go through cars. All you have got to do is aim it. They took all of our ammo. With the ammunition that they've got, they're good for a good year with that ammunition."

    The police have not yet named any suspects, or confirmed if any exist.


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