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    Hillary Clinton

    Any Chance Hillary Clinton Could Still Move Into the White House?

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    As the US Electoral College voters are set to elect the US president and vice president later in December, Russian media review whether Democratic contender Hillary Clinton still has a last chance to move into the White House and does the president-elect have any reason to be nervous.

    The November 8 presidential election in the US was not, in fact, the final point of the election process of the US head of state.

    Back in the 18th century, the Founding Fathers of the US prudently excluded any chances for unfit people to become the country's President.

    Not trusting the choice of the masses, they designed a system of bringing a trustworthy candidate into office. The system has also become a compromise to the idea suggested at the time that the President would be voted for by Congress.

    And so the scheme whereby the election of the US President is decided by the popular vote of qualified citizens, the Electoral College, came into being.

    It's made up of the 538 Americans who actually elect the president. The number corresponds to the seats each state has in the US Senate and the House of Representatives (there are 100 seats in the Senate and 435 in the House), plus the three electoral votes allotted to Washington, D.C.

    Pegging each state's electoral vote count to the size of its congressional delegation was specifically designed to give smaller states proportionally more influence than larger states.

    The national popular vote therefore simply doesn't matter to the election of the president, however it awards electoral votes to each state based on state-by-state results.

    Therefore, on November 8 the country was choosing the qualified citizens who would then elect the president.

    "The presidential election is held every four years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. You help choose your state’s electors when you vote for President because when you vote for your candidate you are actually voting for your candidate’s electors," says the official website of the Electoral College.

    The electors are generally chosen by the candidate’s political party, but state laws vary on how the electors are selected.

    The meeting of the electors takes place on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December after the presidential election, this year it falls on December 19.

    Most states have a “winner-take-all” system that awards all electors to the winning presidential candidate. However, Maine and Nebraska each have a variation of “proportional representation.”

    Under the winner-take-all system, the state's electors are awarded to the presidential candidate with the most votes in that state.

    Maine and Nebraska use the "congressional district method", selecting one elector within each congressional district by popular vote and awarding two electors by a statewide popular vote.

    A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President.

    No elector is required by federal law to honor their pledge, which suggests electors can go their own way.

    In 29 states, there are either statutes or party rules that theoretically bind electors to honor state results. But the penalty for becoming a so-called "faithless elector" is typically a fine measured in the hundreds of dollars.

    The US Supreme Court has never ruled explicitly on those state laws and party rules, and some constitutional scholars say such state restrictions would be struck down if challenged.

    Thus Clinton electors are now appealing to Republican electors to become "faithless" and abandon Trump on December 19. They have even posted a petition on Change.org website urging to "make Clinton president on December 19."

    "On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, in 14 of the states in Trump's column, they can vote for Hillary Clinton without any legal penalty if they choose," it says.

    "We are calling on the 149 Electors in those states to ignore their states' votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton," it adds, explaining that "Mr. Trump is unfit to serve."

    By now, the petition has been signed by over four million six hundred thousand people.

    Commenting on the ongoing campaign, Russian online newspaper Vzglyad suggested that these efforts are in vain.

    Firstly, it says, in order to tip the existing balance in favor of Clinton, her supporters need to win over the support of a minimum of 37 Republican electors, which, they admit, is next to impossible. Current projections suggest that Trump looks likely to end up with 306 electors to Clinton’s 232.

    Secondly, it reminds, Clinton as well as Obama have already accepted the results of the elections and have already recognized Trump as the 45th US president.

    Thirdly, it says, even if to suppose that the electors give their votes to Clinton and she agrees to their decision, there are still very few chances that she will become the president: the results of this vote are to be adopted by the Congress, where the Republicans hold the majority.

    Certainly many of them have no special liking for their nominee, but not to the degree of ushering his opponent into the White House, in full view of their voters.

    With regards to the posted petition, the website doubts that the number of signatories really correspond to the number of Trump's opponents in the US, as the petition is available for signing to any internet user around the globe.

    The newspaper also suggests that the attempts to push the Election College to the "revolt" are made in the hope of cancelling this institution of the American electoral system rather than to change the results of the elections.


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      In my opinion this could only lead to civil war or something of this kind.
    • avatar
      anne00mariein reply toJOHN CHUCKMAN(Show commentHide comment)
      JOHN CHUCKMAN, Allegedly in Jill Stein's small print, it states the money that is not used will go into the Jill Stein Foundation? Funny old thing that. Her own Foundation, just like'pay to play' Clintons.
    • avatar
      Those crooks had time to change everything,
      never are the ballots so unprotected than after the counting.
      I would wonder if they didn't take care of that.
      In my opinion, Hillary is just moral trash and would do anything for power.
    • avatar
      cmat.wolfgangin reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      but I wonder if we know everything at this time.
      I guess, during the last days a lot of dealings happened
      behind closed doors of those who habe the real power. And
      I would not be surprised if some people decided to push
      Donald Trump down because Hillary made them some more promises.
    • avatar
      I see now the Electoral college is coming into being, now that Trump is elected, but didn't when Bush 41 was elected, lets hope not, She doesn't sat one foot, world peace depends on it.
    • avatar
      What a crooked way for Sputnik to explain Democracy in the US. Give me a break. Are you scared of the Uranium deal? The system is extraordinary simple and I certainly agree with it: go to the Founding Father's words.
    • dan sheppard
      What the f... ?
    • dee_snutz
      Better call a waaaaambulance.
    • Hermesin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      Hi Elsa,
      I think H. Clinton is an asset of the rosicruceans also known as the illuminati.
      The firm she work(s)(ed) for is really a dead give away:
      ....Rose Law Firm 120 East Fourth Street Little Rock, AR 72201...'
      (post cxx annos patebo)
      The rosicruceans are the most elaborate conspiracy mankind has ever known. Compared to the Rosicruceans the mafia is child's play. I wouldn't be suprised if they control sputnik too. After all, how would they know?
      I wonder if Trump's a rosicrucean too or that his election means they lost control of USA?
    • avatar
      To eliminate the electoral college, is to eliminate WASHINGTON. You MUST eliminate all, beginning from the UNION. That brought in the for fathers.
      And mean eliminating their first work. ANd start a new.
      U.S is NOT a DEMOCRACY.
      So those saying U.S impart or is a DEMOCRACY are ILLITERATE about U.S.
      A democracy have no electoral college. BUT IF it does, it only deal with vote count ONLY.

      They want a DEMOCRACY. Well, how many years Clinton been around politics and politicians? 30 years?
      Then is a bIT too late for that. Unless U.S goes into a revolution that may see an internal war.
      And millions will die.

      A recount will ONLY change a few districts and not enough to change the outcome.
      There are institutions that WILL check. And IF needed will seek that it happens.
      Otherwise, there will be no change.
    • avatar
      NEW.. They claiming a re count is warranted because Russia may had cook the elections. And added votes to TRUMP.
    • Hermesin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      Perhaps when you are a career politician and your party has only two paying members you will have to find other ways to get cash flowing your way.
      Afterall you are responsible for other people's jobs too. In the end it's always about money. It looks like if you chose the right moment anybody can be bought.
    • Hagbard Celine
      Naturally, but it is also possible that an asteroid somewhere in deep space is heading for the white house.
    • avatar
      they would have to rename it then.
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, Thank you. I see. Well, as to Mr. Trump, the latter I'd say.
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)

      Most probably you already know about this book "The Illuminati....???" which I used to have, explaining the origins and their infiltration of the Vatican, and ending up with the Council on Foreign Relations. If I well recall the cover had a triangle with an eye. I'd love to buy it again, but I do not remember the precise title.
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, Just in case, I just recovered my book, but it is a Spanish translation:

      Paul H. Koch (born in Hamburgh, 1953), "Illuminati, Los secretos de la secta mas temida por la Iglesia Catolica". Editorial Planeta, 2004.

      It has a spiral staircase image in the front cover.
    • Hermesin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      Hi Elsa,
      Thank you very much, I have taken note of it.
      I learned a lot by reading "Foucault's pendulum" by Umberto Eco. Especially about the significance of the number 120. You remember the address of Rose Law Firm.
      A couple of decades ago I was walking throug the city and I passed this old building (it looked like a squad) that had a large sign which said "Ancient Order of Odd Fellows" and underneath that was the number 120021. After reading ECO I understood that. It's a palingdrome of their favorite number. (They like that sort of cheap trickery) The Odd Fellows are a special order for blacks. The address of their headquarters was "forgotten the street' 120 Velsen. Since then a light starts flashing everytime I see this number since they obviously use it to signal to eachother that they are in control. That's what it looks like to me.
      According to Eco Rosicruceans (or illuminati or satanists) are the continental branch of what the english call the masons. They are all brainwashed psychopaths controlled by caballists. It somewhat depresses me that Russia (among other countries) has not yet taken meassures to stop and eliminate this dangerous subcult of psychopathic zombies. Atleast not any that I have heard of.
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)

      Oh please, thank you! Now, listen to this, a couple of days ago!! FBI about Rotschild/Illuminati/Pedophiles. Oh my! Oh my!


      FBI Agent Confirms Child Trafficking Cover Up: #PizzaGate #SaveOurChildren
    • avatar
      jasin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, Thank you for that clip. I think we often forget how simple the battle is, good versus evil. All of the politicians are just vectors for one side or the other. But the similarities are there for a reason, because evil in different people is still from the same source.
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