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    Washington Post’s Piece on Fake News Promotes Fake List of Unreliable Sources

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    In an ironically false news story from the Washington Post about Russian propaganda “stealing the US election,” the newspaper promoted a website called PropOrNot, which has created a Chrome extension to censor websites that it does not agree with and deems to be “fake news.”

    Sites that PropOrNot is accusing of peddling Russian propaganda include extremely popular news websites on several sides of the political spectrum, including The Drudge Report, TruthOut, Blackagendareport, Sputnik News, and even Wikileaks.

    “We have used a combination of manual and automated analysis, including analysis of content, timing, technical indicators, and other reporting, in order to initially identify (“red-flag”) the following as Russian propaganda outlets,” a statement included with the published list stated. “We then confirmed our initial assessment by applying whatever criteria we did not originally employ during the red-flag process, and we reevaluate our findings as needed.”

    The Washington Post story, which highlighted the blacklist, was quickly called out by The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald as “journalistic garbage” in a series of tweets mocking the absurdity.

    Greenwald also noted the irony of an outlet which published a story suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin had poisoned Hillary Clinton accusing others of publishing fake news.

    Many other journalists noted that nowhere on PropOrNot’s website does it list who is behind the operation, nor was that aspect covered in the Washington Post piece.

    Making the situation even more comical, PropOrNot published a list of “allies” on their website. The only problem is — none of those allies have actually spoken to them.

    “Just want to note I hadn't heard of Propornot before the WP piece and never gave permission to them to call Bellingcat ‘allies,’” Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat, who is listed on the website, tweeted on Friday.

    James Miller, managing editor of The Interpreter magazine, also listed as an “ally,” confirmed on Twitter that he also was unaware of the website and has no idea who runs it.

    “Information is dangerous and with this new reactionary shift of people making ban lists of so called ‘fake news,’ it shows us how afraid they are of knowledge and differences of opinion that spur people to have an open mind,” Luke Rudkowski, the owner of We Are Change, one of the sites listed on the blacklist, told Sputnik News. “Information is very dangerous for the establishment status quo that tried to keep things the way they are.”

    On Friday, the website tweeted a link to their new Chrome extension which will “highlight” the websites which they have “identified.” The move was met with a barrage of mockery, and questions as to why they did not include mainstream media outlets, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, who had reported that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — helping to muster up popular support for a war on false pretenses.

    “The only way to truly have significant change in society is to embrace and discuss new ideas with people you disagree with. Once you shut that door you try to shut down reality…” Rudkowski said, “which is impossible to do and will backfire in all of these nanny-state, fear-filled, control-freak bimbos that push the propaganda of ‘fake news.’”


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      Antares Prime
      It could be that these people who are running the "PropOrNot" website are some combination of former Washington insiders and members of the the technology CEO elite of Silicon Valley. Hence their easy access to "automated analysis" and the reference on their contact page to their "volunteer" status.

      The effort is not targeted at "fake news" per se, although that's how the Washington Post has spun it. It is targeted squarely at Russia. Everything from the third force in American politics, that is, anything that identifies the oligarchical behavior of the US political-economic elite as the problem, is bundled up all together, and in its aggregate, identified as Russian-run propaganda.

      Judging from the websites on their blacklist, this includes all of them, even though their views are incompatible with one another. Well-known Tea Party, socialist, and fascist sites alike are, all of a sudden, controlled by Russia. As are the anti-Israeli sites, including the one run by the former crew of the USS Liberty (a US ship destroyed by Israel and covered up during the 1967 war).

      Ron Paul, and all the elements of his movement, were apparently nothing other than a Russian ploy, as these people would have it. Same for the lesser-known Paul Craig Roberts, an independent commentator known for his journalistic integrity and who has been around for a long time. Even the Drudge Report, which started the entire phenomenon of blogging in America, is included.

      Even the well-known sophisticated charlatan sites that rake in wheelbarrows of money from peddling of conspiracy theories to the hopelessly naive, even they are now lumped into this devilish Russian disinformation effort. Same for those sites made by well-meaning but unsophisticated individual Americans who are just trying to vent off some steam, and who have not likely even met a Russian in their entire lives.

      PropOrNot is an unsophisticated effort run by sophisticated people. Guess they're just intellectually lazy. But that is the M.O. of just about everything in America today, unfortunately.
    • choticastile
      Washington overgrown delinquents playing with matches -- Hope Trump by some miracle saves the US before these criminals completely destroy what little is left of US credibility globally. This is so completely way-out ridiculous, that one can only come to the conclusion that the US has been taken over by a bunch of complete and utter looneys.
    • avatar
      This move is a proof that they wish to take control of all information in order to better control the people...And they are trying to make people paranoid about Russia so the people will support a third world war! This is mad!
    • v76
      I've never seen the elitei msm in such a panic.

      Can they not see in their mad rush to counter the truth (with obvious and outrageous lies... how fucking stupid can they be) they are exposing themselves to those that would never have noticed... love it :)
    • avatar
      News has a different meaning for the LGBT elites that run nearly all of the main stream media in modern western society. News now means, lying propaganda, omission of facts, popularity and celebrity opinion, not what I call news. Ron Paul also published a report on false news sites but it's the polar opposite to this LGBT "prop or not" cry baby crap.
    • avatar
      They been controlling U.s Worst than China and other countries they critique so much. They should be ready for LAW SUITS. And they will lose. FREEDOM OF PRESS allows , for ANYTHING in the news.
      Ask all that tried to sue any U.S media outlet from Washington. They ALL lost.

      U.S is becoming a REPRESSIVE REGIME.
    • avatar
      Darrell R
      Over the last couple of years the MSM spread the BS so thick. Then with the election, they got desperate and made it impossible for anyone to ignore. Now they have lost their credibility and as a desperate act made by the media and the establishment backing it, they are trying to censor out any sources of information that dare to disagree with their distorted message.

      If we allow our free speech to be taken away like this, we will surely lose all other freedom as well.
    • avatar
      then the entire MSM gets busted for spreading more fake news with CNN being the victim
    • avatar
      Bezos owns the WAPost and Amazon: DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM EITHER. Yes, we certainly can fight back, hey, if you owe Amazon a few bucks, just forget it.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      The Washington post is the Mecca of fake news. PROPORNOT are leftist LOOSERS who put up sites without any proof at all. Also those involved in PROPORNOT are hiding their identity because they are gutless fools. I guarantee you that PROPORNOT is a site purposely planted by sick socialist liberals
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