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    WikiLeaks: John Podesta Emails (74)
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    Christine "Chris" Niedermeier, a US political journalist, lawyer and former government official, proposed to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign to use her connections in the country's media to improve the media coverage of the Democratic Party's nominee by the MSNBC network, emails released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday showed.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier in the day, WikiLeaks uploaded the 35th batch of emails from the hacked account of Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

    "Chuck was my mentor who got me in the door at MSNBC as a regular political analyst on the 'Brain Trust' political panel. Off the record, he really has some issues with HRC that I think can be addressed so she will get better coverage by NBC/MSNBC. Let me know if I can help," Niedermeier said in a letter sent to Podesta on June 14, 2015.

    Niedermeier added that she could help with a strategy to reach "the critical 40-65 year old married women."

    During the presidential race, Clinton's Republican rival has repeatedly criticized US media for biased coverage in her favor.

    The whistleblower website published the first batch of Podesta's emails on October 8.

    WikiLeaks: John Podesta Emails (74)


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