07:43 GMT25 July 2021
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    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has revealed that a non-state actor, and therefore not the Russian government, may have been behind the massive attack on Dyn last Friday, which shut down much of the internet in the United States.

    Dyn’s servers monitor and route internet traffic, and were slammed with a large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, said to have been the biggest in history. For hours, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, and other popular websites were offline.

    When asked if the attack was perpetrated by a non-state actor, Clapper replied, "Yes, but I wouldn't want to be conclusively definitive about that yet," adding, "that's an early call."

    “The investigation is still going on; there is a lot of data that we have gathered here, but that appears to be preliminarily the case,” Clapper said on Tuesday at an event for the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Clapper detailed that it has not yet been determined whether the non-state actor was supported by a government effort, however.

    "We've had this disparity or contrast between the capability of the most sophisticated cyber actors, nation-state cyber actors, which are clearly Russia and China, but have to this point perhaps more benign intent," Clapper said. "And then you have other countries who have a more nefarious intent. And then even more nefarious are non-nation-state actors," he added.

    An entity calling itself the New World Hackers has claimed credit for the attack. It also took credit for another large DDoS attack on the BBC last year.


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