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    The 40-million strong African American community deserved "new deal" to transform their communities, safety and economic prospects as well as the future of their children, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — "[It is time for] a new deal for black America," Trump said in on Wednesday. "I am asking for the honor of your vote and the privilege of serving as your president and I will not let you down… Whether you vote for me or not, I will be your greatest champion."

    Trump said he proposed a three-point plan for the African American community that focused on creating safe communities, great education and high paying jobs.

    "My vision rests on a principle that has defined this campaign right from the beginning: It is called America First… Every African American citizen in this country is entitled to a job that puts them first… I work for you and I work only for you," Trump noted.

    US Needs to Break ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’ Blighting African American Lives

    The United States must set up a new commission involving the African American community to end the pattern of young people going from failed schools into lives of crime and imprisonment, Donald Trump told a campaign rally.

    "I will… establish a new commission to tackle the school to prison pipeline and to shut that pathway down and to create instead a new pathway that leads from great education to a great job."

    Trump described school choice as the great civil rights issue of current times and promised to champion it in all 50 US states if he is elected president on November 8.

    "My plan will also ensure funding for Historical Black Colleges and Universities, more affordable two- and four-year college and support for trade and vocational education… We used to have this great vocational education and they were great and we have to bring that back."

    Trump also reiterated his proposal to redirect education spending to allow every disadvantaged child in America to attend the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice.

    The Republican nominee announced in the speech that overall African Americans deserve a "New Deal" in the United States to improve their lives.

    Restore Glass-Steagal Act to Boost Credit for African-American Community

    The Dodd-Frank Democratic financial reform of 2009 has had disastrous effects and the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act must be revived to separate regular banking form investment banking to boost African American job growth, Republican presidenital nominee Donald Trump said.

    "Dodd-Frank has been a disaster, making it harder for small businesses to get the credit they need," Trump stated. "It’s time for a 21st century Glass Steagall and… a priority on helping African-American businesses get the credit they need."

    Trump criticized the policies of two-term President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, the current Democratic nominee for president, as playing a major role in impoverishing the African American community.

    "The policies of the Clintons brought us the financial recession — through lifting Glass-Steagall, pushing subprime lending, and blocking reforms to Fannie [Mae] and Freddie [Mac]" – the two giant federally supported mortgage-supporting corporations, he stated.

    Trump also said he would encourage small-business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgive-able micro-loans.

    "I will also propose tax holidays for inner city neighborhoods… [and] financial reforms to help young African Americans to get tax credits to pursue their dreams in their communities."

    Trump added he would boost small-business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgive-able micro-loans.

    Correction: a previous version of this article identified Charlotte, North Carolina as the site of a 2015 mass shooting at Emanuel Methodist Episcopal Church that killed nine African-Americans. That incident happened in Charleston, South Carolina.


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