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    A copy of Newsweek is seen at Joe's Smoke, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in Portland, Maine. Newsweek announced Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 that it will end its print publication after 80 years and shift to an all-digital format in early 2013. Its last U.S. print edition will be its Dec. 31 issue. The paper version of Newsweek is the latest casualty of a changing world where readers get more of their information from websites, tablets and smartphones.

    Newsweek Shamefully Silent as Twitter Demands Retraction From Implicated Writer

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    After Sputnik published a series of emails from Newsweek writer and Vanity Fair editor Kurt Eichenwald to a former Sputnik editor -- exposing Eichenwald’s claims that he was fed a false story by US intelligence -- the magazine has remained shamefully silent on the issue.

    Eichenwald not only offered former Sputnik writer and editor Bill Moran a new job if he agreed to remain silent about the lies contained in the Newsweek piece, he also wrote that he was fed the story by US intelligence officials.

    “You need to ask yourself — how does someone like me who is deeply wired into the intelligence community know so fast that you had posted this? It’s not like I was sitting around reading Sputnik. Others are though, and they are not reading it 24-hours a day in real time for the purpose of keeping abreast of the news,” Eichenwald wrote to Moran.

    Immediately after Sputnik’s exposé was published, Eichenwald’s mentions on Twitter exploded with demands from people wanting to know whether the man who won a 2006 award for Ethics in Journalism was lying to Moran — or if US intel is actually trying to sway the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor by manipulating the media.

    Instead of responding to this writer’s request for an answer to a valid question, he blocked her. He also blocked hundreds of others who dared to question his integrity.

    Sputnik journalists are not the first Eichenwald has blocked over questions of ethics and integrity — TechDirt writer Mike Masnick, who wrote two pieces about the Eichenwald Trump-Putin conspiracy, also suffered the same fate.

    “The Blumenthal email was not manipulated. It was just misrepresented — this is a big difference — just as Eichenwald is now misrepresenting what Sputnik did,” Masnick argued in one of his articles on the issue, titled ‘Media Bias And The Death Of Intellectual Honesty, Doubling Down.’

    In a tweet following Sputnik’s publication of Eichenwald’s emails to Moran on Tuesday, Eichenwald wrote:

    “U cant argue with propagandists who deceive you into compassion with lies.”

    Eichenwald here seems to be admitting to the authenticity of the emails, as he truly appears to believe his threatening tone and quid pro quo offer in exchange for Moran’s silence is “compassion.”

    The irony of an award-winning Washington journalist, who was just exposed as being fed stories by a US government agency, having the nerve to call anyone else a propagandist, is delightful.

    At the time of this article’s publication, Newsweek has still not corrected or retracted their article — nor have they responded to requests from Sputnik for comment on the issue. The New Republic, which was also implicated in the quid pro quo offer, has likewise not responded to Sputnik’s request for comment.


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      Newsweek's silence is an admission of GUILT.
      Newsweek should be sued without mercy. Make it bankrupt.
      Liars will not be tolerated.
    • avatar
      Well, it fits with everything else that's going on.
    • avatar
      newsweek's been on the decline for years, I wonder when it will fold?
    • Volker_1
      Uuups! Busted!
    • Jupiter
      A knife would never cut it's own handle.
    • avatar
      losing control and just when you think they cant get any more desperate to block truth ...."a draft resolution by the Committee of the European Parliament (EP) foreign Affairs approved on Monday threatens press freedom across Europe. The draft entitled; “Strategic communication of the EU as a counter-propaganda of the third parties,” states that Russia is waging an information war against the EU.
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      US media has become a whore of the US regime. Don't expect them to tell the truth or apologize for lying.
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      everybody makes mistakes, it is how you deal with them that makes the difference.
      sputnik has turned a minor glitch into a triumph!
    • avatar
      To put themselves out on a limb like that especially as the likely next President has already challenged them on their corruption and dishonesty is really backing up Trumps claims of vote rigging being whispered in Intelligence circles.
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      Here is what may be the crux of the Zeitgeist (it is something Mr. Eichenwald said): "You can't argue with propagandists who deceive you into compassion with lies.”

      So, by that logic, it can be deducted that if you have some who you like and respect, who you know you can trust (and they trust you), and then some outsider comes around and starts picking on one of your trusted friends, then you must conclude that they (the ones picked on) are deceitful liars beneath contempt.

      Why? Because they have the best propaganda of course. They propagandized so good that you don't believe you are propagandized at all, so good that you 'have compassion' for them.
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      Lickie Weeks
      [The irony of an award-winning Washington journalist, who was just exposed
      as being fed stories by a US government agency, having the nerve to call any-
      one else a propagandist, is delightful.]

      Just to wonder what the difference is between "propaganda" and "marketing"?
      Are these both just methods of persuasion? If the goal of marketing is to get
      people to buy a product or service, then what is the goal of propaganda?

      If you are aware of and have been exposed to high-powered marketing your
      entire life, since childhood; does not this immunity carry over towards polit-
      ical propaganda, as well? Or is propaganda different, somehow?

      Maybe it is just a worthless identity politics label, given how Russians are
      perceived as the propaganda masters of the universe & the entire world!
    • DGSE
      Newsweek is an "Illuminated" rag...always has been.
      If one wants to see the actions of a TRUE sociopath look no further than the asinine actions of the demented disgraced Eichenwald. Spineless, gutless media whore, nothing more.
      Tar and feathers would be nice.
      Newsweek no longer in print...wonderful...now if some good people could crash their web site...ridding Humanity of another BS/Propaganda/Conditioning Cult.
      You can bet, as with all Western BS peddlers, there wont be a "Comment Section" for people to call them on their BS.
      Unlike Sputnik and Russia Insider. Thanks to both.
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