08:32 GMT29 November 2020
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    Traditional Republican Party leaders vastly prefer Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as US president to their own party’s nominee Donald Trump, but Trump enjoys passionate support across a wide base, former US Senate Republican leadership adviser James Jatras said.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Like Hillary Clinton and the US mainstream media, traditional Republican leaders were committed to globalism, even though their own supporters very much opposed it, Jatras maintained.

    "The GOP [Republican Party] elites have talked and talked for years about the party’s ‘expanding its base, but now that it’s happening they can’t stand it," Jatras stated.

    Trump had won widespread support by championing economic and security policies that have been supported by many working and middle class Americans, but were anathema to the interests of the oligarchs who had dominated US politics for so long, Jatras noted.

    "When it comes down to it on the signature Trump ‘America First’ issues — immigration, trade, and war — the Republican Party elites share the same views and fat cat donor base as Hillary," Jatras said.

    Old Republican establishment figures are terrified, not that Trump may lose, but that he may win, Jatras observed.

    "They would much, much rather be a faux opposition to President Hillary Clinton, even as a minority in a Democrat-controlled Congress, than have to work with Trump to carry out a program to which they are deeply opposed," he pointed out.

    Republican leaders are "water-carriers for globalism and the Deep State, and they despise ordinary GOP [Republican Party] voters — and especially ‘deplorable’ Trump voters — as much or more than Hillary Clinton does," he stated.

    Elite Republican Party elders who are abandoning and denouncing Trump are doing their best to reinforce the US mainstream media in their partisan support for Clinton, Jatras remarked.

    "It is a full-court press that no one has ever seen the like. On the other hand, it comes down to how many Americans see what is really going on. Trump voters hate the GOP mandarins as much as vice versa," Jatras added.

    Many Americans were likely to react against the Establishment Republicans working closely with their supposed adversaries, the Democrats, together with the media and Hollywood, Jatras suggested.

    "All the smart and beautiful set have ruined [ordinary Americans’] lives with unsecured borders, lousy trade deals that have killed good manufacturing jobs, and trillions of dollars wasted on ‘wars of choice,’" he explained.

    Trump had succeeded in winning over many former Democratic supporters, Jatras argued.

    "Keep in mind that a lot of Trump’s voters are not Republicans. Many of them are Democrats or independents, including a lot of people who may never have voted in their lives… They know exactly why they need to support Trump — and they love him all the more," he said.

    However, it remained yet to be seen if Trump’s appeal across traditional party lines would be enough to offset the forces ranged against him, Jatras concluded.


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