07:13 GMT29 July 2021
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    The most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, released on Wednesday, revealed that Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity among registered voters who participated in the survey is similar to Trump’s, at 59 percent versus 60 percent, respectively.

    The poll results demonstrate that both nominees are heading toward being the most unpopular presidential candidates in the history of ABC/Post polling. Currently, the lowest unfavorable rating was President George H.W. Bush's July 1992 53 percent, recorded just prior to his loss to Bill Clinton.

    Among adults answering the questionnaire, Clinton added 6 points to her unfavorable rating in three weeks and is viewed unfavorably by 56 percent, compared to Trump's 63 percent.

    For the first time this year a majority of the women polled view Clinton unfavorably. In July she was viewed favorably by 54 percent of women polled, while the new poll shows that figure has dropped to 45 percent.

    Her support among those highly-educated voters surveyed has also dropped. Previously 60 percent viewed her favorably, and now that rating is 47 percent.

    Clinton has also lost ground among polled moderates, with 41-56 percent favorable-unfavorable, compared to a 50-48 percent balance previously, as well as among liberals where her favorability rating plummeted from 76 percent to 63 percent. Among non-whites her popularity dropped, from 73 to 62 percent including a 16-point drop among Hispanic voters.

    Some 88 percent of Republicans consider Clinton unfavorably, 31 percent among independents, 79 percent among Democrats.

    There have been some shifts in group popularity for Trump as well. He lost 6 points in favorability among men, and gained 7 points among women.

    According to ABC News, "Clinton's and Trump's historic low scores raise uncertainties about voter turnout in the November election."


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