16:45 GMT16 May 2021
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    Grammarly’s team has analyzed unfiltered posts by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters on Reddit, and has suggested that the two camps have more in common than they realize, at least when it comes to expressing themselves.

    Grammarly, a website devoted to, you guessed it, correct grammar, aggregated comments from the top 100 posts in the Trump and Clinton subreddit communities, and analyzed commenter writing habits, including punctuation and the use of politically incorrect words. Their research showed that Republicans and Democrats are more alike than one would imagine, at least when it comes to the abuse of the English language.  

    Both Trump and Clinton supporters made, in general, less errors on Reddit than they did on Facebook, during the primaries. Clinton's Reddit supporters made 1.82 errors per 100 words, but Trump's posse was not far behind, at 2.10.

    Both Republicans and Democrats turned out to care a lot about foreign policy, as this topic ranked first among Clinton supporters and second among fans of Trump.

    When speaking of their rivals, Clinton's fan base used words like "shameful" and "offensive." Trump's people, faithfully following the campaign's own rhetoric, referred to Clinton as "crooked" and "corrupt." Both sides predict "America's demise" in the event that their candidate's rival wins the race, frequently wondering "Who's supporting him/her?"

    Republicans and Democrats alike were guilty of plenty of spelling errors, too. Then was mixed up with than, too consorted shamelessly with to, and compound words like everyday/every day and anymore/any more were tossed about every now and then.

    As for the differences, there is little surprise.

    With Reddit being a less-moderated platform, Trump supporters had themselves a ball, freely using profanities an eye-watering 135 percent more than Clinton supporters, especially when discussing the election.

    A lack of political correctness and gentility also prevailed among the Republican nominee's online choir. Trump supporters used language that is considered non-inclusive some 88 percent more often than Clinton's people.

    Trump supporters did get creative, using their nominal talents to introduce neologisms such as Cuckington Post, Cuckbook, CuckKaine. The fourth most commonly repeated bit of jargon in the Trump subreddit was MAGA (an acronym for Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan).

    After exhaustive research, Grammarly has discerned that adherents to the two major parties in the US political system pretty much share a similar semantic silliness.    


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