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    90 Year Old Man Calls Cops After Prostitute Robs Him, He’s Arrested

    Tough Break: 90-Year-Old Man Arrested After Prostitute Robs Him

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    A nonagenarian man was arrested in Massachusetts after he called the police to report that a sex worker had stolen a piece of jewelry from him after he paid her $100 to perform oral sex.

    Nicholas Salerno, 90, called police in June to report the crime, and, when informed that he would face charges himself for hiring the services of a prostitute, the elderly man replied, “I don’t give a f**k. I’m 90 years old, for Christ’s sake.”

    Salerno did not know the woman’s real name, and explained that a week prior to the incident a friend had informed him that he had “paid a girl $100 for a blowjob.” The friend told Salerno that the woman called herself Karen, and claimed that she would “do it for him too.” 

    Salerno asked his friend for the woman’s number and called her to come over to his home.

    “He then stated he paid her one hundred dollars and she gave him a blowjob,” according to the the officer’s report. “He stated Karen then went to use his bathroom and left shortly after that. Salerno stated after she left he went to his bedroom and noticed a couple of items were moved on his bureau. Salerno stated he noticed a gold chain was missing from the glass dish on the bureau.”

    The incident reportedly happened several weeks prior to his call to the police. The elderly man, according to police, sought to “give Karen a chance to bring the necklace back.”

    Salerno asserted that she was about 50 years old, heavy set, and with brown hair. Police then used her phone number to confirm that it was 48-year-old Karen Proia. 

    “Salerno stated he wanted Proia arrested for stealing his necklace and prostitution. I informed him that he was also guilty of soliciting sex for a fee. Salerno stated, ‘I don’t give a f**k, I’m 90-years-old for christ's sake.’ I informed him that I would be charging both him and Karen and he stated he understood,” the police report continues.

    The necklace was later recovered at a local pawn shop, where the woman had taken it.

    Both parties were charged and appeared in court on Tuesday for their arraignments, were Salerno and Proia entered pleas of not-guilty.

    Charges against Salerno were dropped, but Proia was charged with prostitution and larceny, and is set to appear in court again on September 1.


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