13:36 GMT26 February 2021
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    Yury Melnik, the Russian Embassy's press attache stated that the embassy hopes to get Washington's reply to the diplomatic note sent following the arrest of a Russian national, Olga Pimanova, in Chicago as soon as possible.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Russian Embassy in the United States counts on receiving Washington's reply to the diplomatic note sent following the arrest of a Russian national, Olga Pimanova, in Chicago as soon as possible, the embassy's press attache told Sputnik on Saturday.

    Earlier in the day, the US Department of State said that US police had notified the Russian Consulate of the Pimanova arrest.

    "It is better to ask the American partners the question on when to expect the reply because they are preparing it. But we hope to get it the sooner the better. I am sure that as soon as our US counterparts will gather all relevant information, documentation, they will provide us with it," Yury Melnik said.

    The Russian Embassy in the United States still does not have any official information on the reasons for the arrest of a Russian national, Olga Pimanova, in Chicago, according to press attache.

    "Since we do not have any official information that would give us an understanding of the causes of what is happening as yet, it does not make much sense to take any further actions," Yury Melnik said.

    Pimanova was arrested in the Chicago airport just upon arrival in the United States on May 20, allegedly for taking her daughter out of the country two years ago.

    On Friday, the Russian Embassy in Washington told Sputnik that according to preliminary information, the United States had no grounds for her detention, and the embassy had requested official information from the US authorities regarding her arrest.


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