15:18 GMT +321 February 2017
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

    Donald Trump Scores Another Primary Win in Michigan

    © AP Photo/ Cliff Owen
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    As the polls close in Michigan, billionaire Donald Trump is the projected winner of the state, with Ohio Governor John Kasich coming in a close second.

    Both candidates beat Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

    Idaho also holds its Republican primary on Tuesday, and a caucus is being held in Hawaii.


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    • Marc Nonnenkamp
      Donald Trump is winning because people are ANGRY. The political establishment can thank themselves for ruining everything to make what we see emerging today possible. Both Trump and Cruz are despised by the GOP "leadership." Rubio, Kasich and Romney are nothing more or less than lackeys of the power establishment. ................and ditto with Clinton and Sanders - both of them are pawns of the New World Order.
    • avatar
      I just finished listening to Trump after the Michigan win news conference and it was excellent, he handled every question amazingly well without hesitation and with a skill that was reflectively of his personal busness experience, and I have never seen that in a presidential candidate, honestly. Very impressed
    • Selectric Typeball
      Can't wait to hear Rubio's single-digit Victory Speech, again tonight. About
      how Rubio is really still winning, even with only single digit voter support?
    • avatar
      Rubio's dirty tricks were political suicide.
    • avatar

      The results on Google contradict what the article says. Kasich was over 10% down from Trump. I don't call that close. Cruz and Kasich are almost tied at 24.5% and 24.6% respectively. Rubio is a dismal 9.2%
    • avatar
      I often have to Giggle at Google in order to maintain my sanity these days. . . Frauds.
    • avatar
      Trump is used to make the neocon's popular. Thus one should not see Trump as anything else than a frontrunner to legitimize the whole neo-conservative movement (neocon), who are the very ones that have killed so many with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine!
    • Selectric Typeball
      Trump is not a neo-conservative.
      Neo-conservatives are closet left-wing socialists, who infiltrated the Republican Party during the Bush II Administration, from the Clinton Democrats.
      There is an intuitive difference between neo-conservatives (frauds)
      and genuine conservatives, but it is the Neo-conservatives,
      who have the blood-lust warmonger gene in them.
      The Neo-conservatives are the ones AGAINST Donald Trump.
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