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    US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump looks down as he leaves a campaign event in Concord, North Carolina March 7, 2016.

    Big Tech Bosses Meet in Secret on Private Island to Stop Donald Trump

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    How do you stop a man like Donald Trump from entering the White House? Hold a secret meeting on a far-away island between billionaires, Republicans and big tech CEOs in the hope he'll go away.

    According to the Huffington Post, the tech elite in attendance includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, the creator of Napster and Facebook investor Sean Parker, as well as billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk of Tesla Motors. A New York Times spokeswoman also confirmed its editor recently attended the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum conference.

    However, the conference is fiercely off the record, so it's not really known what was talked about or by whom. However, the speculation that the tech giants joined discussions on how to stop US presidential front runner Donald Trump from reaching the White House will get tongues wagging.

    The annual meeting is held on a private island resort off the coast of Georgia and closed to the press. An email written about the event and sent by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reportedly said:

    "A specter was haunting the World Forum — the specter of Donald Trump. There was much unhappiness about his emergence, a good deal of talk, some of it insightful and thoughtful, about why he's done so well, and many expressions of hope that he would be defeated… The key task not, to once again paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him."

    Trump has nearly one-third of the delegates he needs to secure the Republican Party nomination but faces big tests in the forthcoming Florida and Ohio primaries.

    Meanwhile, a much smaller event in Britain, held on the record for politicians, religious figures and members of the Muslim community, made it no secret naming Donald Trump "UK Islamophobe of the year, 2016."

    The spoof ceremony hosted by the Islamic Human Rights Commission announced Trump as the winner, mainly because of his campaign to stop Muslims from entering the US.


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    • Dirk Ramsey
      These tricks are the best that American Democracy has. The whole country is circling the drain. If you are still there, get out now while the getting is good.
    • avatar
      When I read the list of who was at this meeting I wonder if this helps Trump. Every mom and pop, every Joe & Janie Six-pack will know at a glance who it is in this story that offers them hope and chains.
      Trump offers hope and the business/political elite offers chains!
    • avatar
      God bless donald trump
    • Ivan Buckeyein reply toJet fuel can't melt steel beams(Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, "justice" is definitely on their side. In America, one's rights are proportionate to how much wealth one has.
    • A = π r 2
      what they going to do? lock his iPhone?
    • A = π r 2in reply toIngimundar(Show commentHide comment)
      Ingimundar, we hear you Wendy!
    • A = π r 2in reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, they neglected to mention that Trump actually owns that island - the tech bosses are probably on some kind of indoor roller coaster ride not unlike Disney's 'It's Small World After All' as we speak
    • A = π r 2in reply toaubreydgarrett(Show commentHide comment)
      aubreydgarrett, yes - Donald Trump is our way out of this sordid world controlled by mulitnational business, weaponized litigation and psychopathy

      Trump is everything that the United States of America should have been
    • Mayito Mayitoh
      I already voted for Trump in Florida. (Absentee ballot) as well as most members of my family.... I don't know what "BIG TEST" are you talking about it.... What is your sources???
    • avatar
      This is a poorly written article. I have difficult time to make head and tale of it. In the first paragraph, what does attending NYT's editor in AEI meeting have to do with tech elite meeting to stop Trump?! Why does this article position tech elite meeting as how to stop Trump, while it says "the conference is fiercely off the record", and "annual" anyway? In the sentence //The key task not, to once again paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him.// the first comma should be after "task" for the sentence to make sense. And then is this all we have proving this "annual" meeting is about how to stop Trump?; a Jew promoting another Jew?

      Why would an unindoctrinated business man threaten other businessmen anyway? When did Trump say anything that could have been interpreted as a threat to tech giants?
    • A = π r 2in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)

      "But to think that Apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone," Trump continued, "who do they think they are? No, we have to open it up.'
    • avatar
      artin reply toA = π r 2(Show commentHide comment)
      ultravi01et, Obama also wanted to shut down guitmo when he was a free citizen; but as a president he couldn't. President is an institution, not an individual. His personal “drathers” will be greatly curbed by the legal system. If Obama cannot force Apple, so can't Trump, regardless of their personal drathers might be. I doubt if Apple takes this as a threat to their business. Remember Yahoo had similar problem with emails about two years ago, pretending to defend a principle, but had been already revealing Chinese dissidents information to the Chinese government, probably they paid more handsomely than FBI!
    • A = π r 2in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, there's no denying that there is a pretty substantial disconnect between what people say to get into power and what people can then do once they get it - but I believe that Trump will reconnect that divide. I believe that Trump will improve the healthcare system, create jobs, put more kids into college, tell us who did 9/11, resurrect Michael Jackson and finally put an end to this cattle herding by the political establishment in America.

      Yahoo spent $1 billion in an attempt to break Chinese e-commerce. The Chinese government reacted to that.
    • avatar
      dvdgrg09in reply toA = π r 2(Show commentHide comment)
      ultravi01et, I thought there had to be a joke in there somewhere, it's all the story is good for. So the masters of the universe finish a hard day of plotting against the evil genius, and they go for a ride on the indoor roller coaster, and the driver is the evil genius, who makes them listen to him sing "Mammy" until they beg for mercy. It's a Scooby Doo scenario I suppose.
    • Alabama Mothman
      These billionaires need to be reminded of the purpose of the 2nd amendment. To overthrow tyranny. If more nations had it, we would see the tyranny in the EU.
    • avatar
      What Big Boss is gonna mess with Mr. T?
      (pity the fool)
    • avatar
      what a disgraceful sneaky slimy bunch of losers.... all the names are there, we have them all down.... more than an opposition "meetup" .... this is the scum of the earth called to rally for their "cause" and its pretty clear an all out assault on the minds of the masses is planned and they have been caught out...every move now is predictable
    • lowertones
      I'm not an American, but I must ask our American friends, why is it that people feel it's a human right to enter the United States. Why is it that people feel they have been wronged if they are asked to apply for citizenship to the U.S.? And further, shouldn't it be up to Americans just who they decide who they will grant citizenship to?
    • avatar
      if this is what it takes to break the present monopoly then this is the way to go..whatever the outcome if Trump is elected for his own personal performance it must be in americas best interests...the current grip must be broken
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