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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

    Can the Republican Establishment Derail Trump?

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    As Mitt Romney lashed out at Donald Trump after the latter’s crushing wins on Super Tuesday, Republican Party leaders have made it eloquently clear that they’re not pleased with the billionaire’s rapid advance. Will their attempts to derail Trump be successful?

    Loud&Clear’s Brian Becker discussed with essayist and cultural commentator Chauncey DeVega and California State Secretary for the Peace & Freedom Party Kevin Akin how the wealthy real estate mogul used his money to gain prominence and whether his political rivals can stop him.

    DeVega outlined that Trump owes his notoriety largely to racially charged rhetoric and populist demagoguery. The Republican front-runner appeals in his campaign to the white middle class and, in this light, he can be seen as an adherent to the GOP idea, he noted.

    “The Republican establishment has used racism to win the elections. They’ve been doing that for quite long time,” DeVega said. “If [Republicans] want to win elections, they need to mobilize racially resentful alienated white folks.”

    Akin added that Trump actively uses right-wing victimization, a concept based on a belief that working middle-class whites should be dominant in society, but are held back by policies favoring minorities and those who are considered ‘disadvantaged’. However, a strategy of appealing to the middle class looks ‘bizarre’ in Trump’s case, as he is a legacy member of the ‘rich elite’, and cannot represent a middle class that he has no personal experience of, Akin stressed.

    A Trump presidency could, however, play into the hands of multinational corporations pursuing goals markedly different from those of ordinary people.

    “Of course there are some establishment members who seem to be willing to endorse Trump presumably for the personal advantage and advantage to their particular companies,” DeVega opined.

    The most concerning aspect, both analysts declared, is not that all members of the wealthy one percent require the projected assistance a Trump presidency could provide, as they already exert power and influence through lobbyists and donations in the current political and economic climate. The real problem, DeVega and Akin assert, is that Trump is not politically controllable.

    “The fact is that this Frankenstein monster put together by the Republican establishment does seem to be out of control. We’ll see if they are able to reign him in and install someone who’s been rejected by the majority of other voters at the primaries.” Akin said.

    Republicans appear to be using an ineffective method of criticizing Trump in their attempts to suppress him, according to Akin.

    “I think Trump will continue his progress toward a nomination. I’m not going to predict what’s going to happen at the convention. But I think that during the next week he’s going to progress,” Akin suggested.


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      "...they need to mobilize racially resentful alienated white folks.”
      This man is what he says he despises.
    • avatar
      What a bunch of time wasting garbage. Anything not to discuss real issues. Why waste YOUR time? There is no real vote in the U.S. It's Hillary's turn. The money boys declared it long ago. Trump is just part of the show so it can be media said that he "split the republican vote" so Hillary got in. They all know the whole world hates that bi**h and NO ONE is voting for her. Well, they aren't voting for the old line communist running against her either. In fact, there is NO ONE a real American would vote for who is allowed to run in the U.S. Criminals only, the more black mailable, the better.
    • avatar
      The illusion of two parties must be kept alive a bit longer as fewer people buy the charade. Hillary will start the war against Russia in Europe sought by the neocons who control both parties.
    • drjasonsmith
      Quiet and Muddy would be a better name for this show. Why is that? Because its real purpose is to inject the Trotskyite line into the Left conversation in the USA. Becker is a top chief of the Trotskyite Party PSL. Their main task at the moment is to counter real voices of Marxism-Leninism such as mine (Jason W. Smith, Ph.D., e.g. the ABC’s of Communism channel on You Tube) by inserting themselves via interviews of, in this case, legitimate members of the Left. Unlike Workers World Party from which they split which openly proclaim their Trotskyism PSL believes the way forward is to disguise Trot views. Thus, they have succeeded in getting Sputnik to give them this space. Sputnik is one of my favorite news sources, which is why I comment here.
    • Kenneth Whittles
      The Puppet masters are scared that they will lose control. Obama and Clinton are controlled. They are scared that Trump will NOT start a war. They will all be bankrupt.
    • support
      One would think that of all US national elections of the past thirty years, this one would be about objectively debating substantive issues such as national infrastructure, outlawing or mitigating the phenomenon of employing contracting and the other various forms of the commodification of American labour (employee leasing, temping agencies, 1099 employment, etc)--how can there be debates on slavery 150 years ago when the business is still going strong now and hilariously most employment agencies are women-owned?--addressing the shortage of technical and manufacturing workers through re-training the present workforce, and the improvement of education overall.

      Instead so far the Right's "debate" is over penis size, the Left's debate is about how to get the public to laugh off that the female Chucky from Childsplay got people in the State department killed through not following basic security communications protocol, and Mr. Magoo channeling Salvador Allende and Eugene V. Debs when the state which he represents as a Senator is easily the most screwed-up state in the Union in terms of the distance between the haves and have-nots and in terms of infrastructure.
    • Ann in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Funny how that works, huh.
    • Selectric Typeball
      For KS, KY, LA, ME:
      Ted Cruz gets 64 delegates
      Donald Trump gets 49 delegates.
      Looks like Ted Cruz wins today.
    • Blackie
      Should Hitler-y declare "it is either Trump or her party ISIS?-CIA FBI.
      If FBI tried to make trouble one phone call and the boss of it looses his job.
    • Blackiein reply toKenneth Whittles(Show commentHide comment)
      Kenneth Whittles,
      So true.
    • Kenneth Whittles
      Trump should be very careful who he picks as Vice President. They cannot control Trump now they will try to control the Vice President. One bullet and their puppet Vice President will give them the war they seek.
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