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    Republican U.S. presidential candidates former Governor Jeb Bush (L) and businessman Donald Trump (R) speak simultaneously about the war in Iraq and the record of Bush's brother, former President George W. Bush, as Senator Ted Cruz (C) looks on during the Republican U.S. presidential candidates debate sponsored by CBS News and the Republican National Committee in Greenville, South Carolina February 13, 2016.

    Trump, Bush Spar Over Russian Alliance in Syria

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    Billionaire Donald Trump and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sparred late Saturday over whether Russia could be a US ally in the Syrian conflict settlement.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Bush argued that Trump had brought up the idea of wanting to "accommodate" Russia, saying that "it is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that Russia could be a positive partner" in Syria.

    "Jeb is so wrong. Jeb is absolutely [wrong]," Trump said at the GOP debates in Greenville, South Carolina, broadcast by CBS.

    Addressing vocal opposition from the audience, Trump claimed "that’s Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists talking." He was met with applause by decrying $5 trillion spent on Mideast wars "because of thinking like that."

    Bush retorted by claiming that Russia "is not going to be an ally of the United States…They’re attacking troops that we’re supporting."

    Trump had previously expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin and welcomed Moscow’s role in anti-Islamic State efforts in Syria.


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    • Baybarsin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, You cannot possibly be from the U.S., you are making far too much sense in your comment. Good that you recognize the need for global cooperation but your man Trump still scares the daylights out of me because of his domestic policy statements. You really think that putting name tags on Muslims is any different that putting gold stars on the clothing of Jews?
    • Drain the swampin reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, The neocoens have raised islamophobia to a fever pitch in the US towards their ends, Trump being a canny businessman has used this mass hysteria among the dumber goim, to gain 5-10m votes without any investment or much effort ! Its political rhetoric, Trump is a businessman with an eye always on the bottom-line - money !
    • Dolly Miller-Brennanin reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, Yes I am a proud American with a political background. Please do not be deceived by the propaganda against Mr. Trump. The powers that be are terrified of him.
      Mr. Trump’s domestic policy statements are in response to the terrorist attacks on American soil committed by Islamic refugees. These are hidden and distorted by the obama administration. The horrendous deficit raised under obama gives millions to terrorists entering the U.S. while he is equally responsible for sending business out of the country.
      Please do not be deceived by the scare tactics put forth by candidates controlled by global interests and the obama administration actively working to destroy America from within.
      Beware of those candidates that will lie to your face while Mr. Trump presents the truths no one wants to hear.
      Thank you for your kind comments and I hope you continue to reach out for the truths regarding the American political system.
      Best regards, G-d bless.
      Dolly Miller-Brennan
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      $5 Trillion lost by Bush thinking is 27% of the US Debt !

      US taxpayers must be really dumb ?
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, if that is true about Trump then he would have been better off staying away from the presidency. You sell the man too short!
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      terryjohnodgersin reply tomegargy(Show commentHide comment)
      megargy, the idiot box in the corner of every lounge/sitting room has much to answer for in why the Western sheeple still remain asleep. It is not because they are 'dumb' but more to do with their busy lifestyles that preclude them from 'waking up' to the agenda that is now in plain sight for those who know what to look for.
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, articulate and well put. I have read a few of your past comments. You know what you are talking about.
    • Dolly Miller-Brennanin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      Thank you for your kind comments, Trump is not what American political parties are portraying him to be.
      This is a man funding his own campaign, actually rejecting offers from donors as with each offer obligations will be formed. He became so sick of American political interests destroying the country that he began to fight back and they are terrified of him.
      Please rest assured that all other presidential candidates, with out even one exception are getting rich from donations, all of them begging and begging for money.
      The American people are sick of this. We are also concerned for the safety of Mr.Trump as politics are dirty business and he is not playing their game.
      Thank you again for for your kind comments.
      Best regards, G-d bless.
      Dolly Miller-Brennan
    • avatar
      As far as standing up for family goes: Jeb, your family is a family of murderers, all the way through the cousins, and probably beyond. What, you think the three thousand people, with children of their own, with parents and wives, husbands, you think they were just so much collateral damage 9/11? Are you proud of the killings, probably you and them have a good laugh about it. That fat, hideous looking creature, you call mom, she has so often run us common people down, to our faces, like we are dogs to be kicked, and hey, does she ever look in a mirror. Hey there Georgey boy, jet fuel cannot turn three skyscrapers worth of concrete, thousands of tons of steel (high grade steel, not iron), thousands of tons of plastic, aluminum and wood, plus tons and tons of rubber, and other stuff that make up the components in an office, not to mention the body remains of three thousand people, who had all the life and love going for them that you and your murderously rich family has going for it. Jet Fuel, cannot turn all this into DUST. It just cannot happen, just like you and your family can never be forgiven for the terrible hurt and distress they have caused us and our nation. No matter how you cut it, this dog won't hunt, and your family, all of them should be executed for the brutal murders they have committed against us the people of America. Let us NEVER forget John Kennedy and his son, Robert Kennedy, MLK, and who knows who else old George H.W. Bush had murdered or murdered himself. We sure don't want to forget the 129 or so navy servicemen murdered by George Bush, when he against the rules did a wet start on a Jet aircraft he was trying to fly. Yeah, heck yes, murder and death. is all around this bunch of evil clowns you call family. Jeb, what the heck are you so proud of?
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, many understand what is now occurring, many do not and reject out of hand Trump's message for whatever personal reasons or indoctrination received via the so called education system.

      If ever there was a time to change the status quo now is it with Trump.

      His enemies are many and some are very powerful. There is already a history of what they are prepared to do against those who choose to uncover them - the assassination of JFK for example.

      I have no time for politicians so very few are not in it for their own wealth securement while selling us out for their thirty pieces of sliver.

      Good luck to you in all your endeavours.
    • Dolly Miller-Brennanin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      Thank you for your comment and your observations of underlying currents of purposeful indoctrinations regarding our political system. There is a lot going on here now that is deliberately distorted by main medias, bought and digested by a public who simply doesn’t want to accept that anything could be wrong.

      There are those who appear shouting and offering everything free to everyone and these are the ones many choose to follow. Mr. Trump tells it exactly like it is and the truth can hurt.

      Nothing is free in this world, nothing. Even love carries obligations.

      Americans are proud to be Americans. We become protective and defensive of our country when another trashes it. We know we’re a little arrogant and love our country loudly and vociferously but we equally expect others to love their countries.

      Most of us are quite mixed ethnically as I basically French and Scottish also have some Russian & Norwegian heritage. However we all are Americans and expect those who come here to assimilate as Americans, as we would expect to assimilate in their countries. Each nation must have it’s own national identity, and not splinter into special interest groups, to survive.

      We don’t want to be Europeans. We don’t want to be Russians. We don't want to be Asians and we don’t expect them to want to be us. We want to celebrate each other's differences with respect. What a boring world it would be if there were no differences among us to encourage intellectual excitement.

      Mr. Trump is embodying what America is, hard work and love of it. The truth flows from his lip in torrents. He owes no one anything and accepts no favours in return. For those who base their power on handing out trinkets to keep the population indebted and and subservient to them, this is terrifying. All of the old corrupt power structures will fall and they will do anything to keep it.

      Thank you for appreciating the differences among us and not denigrating ours.
      Best regards, G-d bless
      Dolly Miller-Brennan
    • Ann in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, especially when it was already barely afloat...
    • Ann in reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, Well, mommy and daddy, brother. wife...
    • Ann in reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, At the risk of sounding naive, I think there is a difference. Let me explain: The jews weren't hurting anyone, they were being persecuted and killed for the sake of hatred alone...THE MUSLIMS, however, are a different story. They ARE hurting people. Their religion openly demands it, and they openly declare it. I realize it's a slippery slope and I hope a better way is found to deal with this. I wish we didn't have to deal with it, BUT WE DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. The difference is, the jews were tagged for repression and death when they had hurt no one - the muslims HAVE hurt people and declared the intent to hurt more...is it justified? I guess that depends on whether one places more importance on the rights of innocent people to live without being beheaded, or the rights of the aggressors to remain free to do as they please.
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, I couldn't agree more with your own observations. As Pilate asked his wife, "What is truth?" after she had told him of her dream about the Christ. In reply she said, "You will know truth if you are willing to hear it."

      In the so called enlightenment century, many are hypnotized by the idiot box that they believe relieves them of their daily stresses and/or boredom. while subtle propaganda through ads, sporting events, 'reality shows', 'drama' that really has nothing to do with real life, and the non-reporting of real news, that should matter to those who have their eyes and ears firmly open, numb the senses into accepting the message that life really does imitate art.

      Nationalism and patriotism have been rendered as an extreme form of political activism subject to the full force of the government intent on keeping 'terrorists' at bay while soothing the indoctrinated masses that government is really about protecting the citizen so long as the citizen abides by what the government requires the citizen to do.

      Isn't that a long march through distortion at what JFK once spoke of!

      LaVoy Finicum recently paid with his life on an Oregon rural roadside because he dared to confront the monster that the United States government and its agencies have become.

      Many more Americans will pay with their lives as those who realize the danger they now face as ordinary Americans, who are targeted as 'domestic terrorists', and simply because they abide by the law of the land begin to act against a tyrannical government, while other Americans will go about their day to day lives without even registering the gathering storm that has been brought to them courtesy of those they have voted for to protect them.

      I am a proud sixth generation Australian. I share with any American Patriot a love for my country, that government must remain outside of private lives and should never interfere in other nations domestic affairs. Our own constitution is somewhat based on the greatest document of all that gives freedom and responsibilities to all individuals who pledge to uphold those rights, the American Constitution, a hugely important document that is now treated as antiquated and of no use to an 'enlightened' country in an 'enlightened' century.

      How does one fight that propaganda/indoctrination when those who willingly accept and promote it refuse to even consider that they may be wrong?
    • Dolly Miller-Brennanin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      Again I thank your for your kind comments. I appreciate your pride in your lengthy Australian nationality. My ancestors arrived here on the May Flower with the later ones arriving by late 16th century. My direct lineage fought with General Washington and we are proud of our family multiple contributions as you are proud of yours. This is the way it should be, each nation respecting the rights of the other with no intent to impose one culture over the top of another. Unfortunately we are being bombarded from all directions.
      G-d bless you my friend.
      Dolly Miller-Brennan
    • Baybarsin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, You are not naive. What you have just related to me is the mantra for our time, yet one that should not exist.

      We live in an era where the histories and writings of almost everything and everyone are available to each and every one of us, should we choose to take the time and research them. Not everyone sees the value in that effort and sadly most people are happy to be told who is good and who is bad or what is right and what is wrong because it is easier.

      I have read and practiced many religious beliefs and have worked in/with levels of government in different countries around the world. These experiences have given me a very different world-view than you and many people here express. It saddens me to see how we treat each other based on false concepts and blatant lies and how our society runs on vicious gossip rather than individual research and experience.

      I am really sorry that you fear Muslims because you are repeating what the western media tells you. Your fear of Islam is like me hating Christianity because of the actions of a few priests and bishops, or because of the Inquisition or the Crusades. Of course I don't hate Christianity, like Judeism and Islam it is the worship of the God of Abraham.

      I don't know where you live but I bet there are more people hurt and killed by police in your country than are harmed by a specific religious group.
    • Ann in reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, "I am really sorry that you fear Muslims because you are repeating what the western media tells you" -- No, actually, I'm thinking for myself. I hope you're not insinuating that those people were not beheaded or burned or executed by ISIS. I hope you're not saying that the several attacks that have killed people here, by muslims shouting "allahu akbar" just weren't done by muslims. I'm sorry if it offends you, but when an entire group of people declares war on me, and actually has carried out some of it's claims, that I am NOT wrong to be afraid of what comes next.

      The truth is ISLAM IS NOT THE RELIGION OF PEACE. If it was, it would not have been at WAR with the world for 2000 years! TWO THOUSAND YEARS of killing. Even so, I do not hate "muslims" I HATE MURDERERS NO MATTER THEIR RELIGION. Period.
    • Baybarsin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, I am not offended.
    • Ann in reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, Thank you.
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