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    New 3D-Printed 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol Debuts

    Semi-Automatic Pistol Made on 3D-Printer

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    A West Virginia carpenter by the name of Derwood has developed a small 3D printed semi-automatic 9mm weapon which only requires metal for the steel barrel, springs and bullets.

    Three years ago, the first 3D printed gun was fabricated, a simple weapon called “The Liberator,” and since that time the weapons have been evolving. The United States Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 allows citizens to manufacture their own guns, as long as they do not sell or transfer them without first obtaining a federal license.

    "This gun has been a work in process for about a year now," Derwood told Ars Technica.

    "The first model required some welding and machining, and the goal was to keep it simple so that anyone could build it," he said, adding, "it is now to that point."

    He calls his weapon the "Shuty-MP1" firearm, with a design similar to an AR-15, but much smaller. The gun is not without its faults. Derwood described it as beginning to melt around the barrel after about 18 consecutive discharges, explaining to Wired magazine that this can be avoided by allowing the gun to fully cool before refiring.

    As of now, Derwood, who belongs to a group called FOSSCAD, which is "dedicated to the datalove of open source CAD, 3d-printing, awesomeness, and firearms," has not yet publicly released the blueprints to print the Shuty-MP1.


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